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Dec 31, 2006 05:15 PM

pizza dough from CLARO's italian market

anyone tried the pizza dough from claro's in arcadia? just wondering because i usually use the dough from tj's and thought maybe the dough at an italian market might be even better? thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have, though I go to the one across from Banh Mi Che Cali and 888 Seafood and Ji Rong in Rosemead (a.k.a. the Intersection of Massive Weight Gain).

      Make sure it's room temperature before you try to work with it.

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      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        cool. thanks! btw, how do you work it? just tear it? how big should each ball be?

        1. re: yum

          A six-inch flat disk will make a fourteen-inch pizza.

      2. The pizza dough from Claro's Market (Valley Blvd in San Gabriel) is equal to or better than TJ's, probably fresher and a better economic deal. It is put up in random sizes in plastic bags, the smallest always seems to be twice as large as TJ's uniform one pizza per bag portions. The last I bought made three large pizzas and cost 99 cents. If you only want one pizza, you can use the remainder to make a simple loaf of bread the next morning or crustini, etc.

        1. Claro's pizza dough is great. I like it much better than TJ's also. Sometimes a few of the dough balls have expanded in the bags like balloons. Those are the ones I choose because the yeast has done much of it's job already and it tastes better. If none of the bags are expanded then you can also allow the dough to rise at room tempurature.

          1. Claro's is better and cheaper than T.J.'s.

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            1. re: socal boy

              No question, socal boy, Claros is better for pizza dough. GH, for some reason I have avoided the puffed up bags at Claros -- I'll try one next time. TJ's does have their good points - I love their cheese selection, for example.

              Anyone ever try those thin powdered sugar coated "cookies" that come in a clear plastic box at Claros? They're sort of like fried wonton strips but pastry dough and covered with powdered sugar. I can't remember the name but in Italy they seem to only be available around Christmas. At Claros year round. Mmmmmmm. Dangerous.

              1. re: BrookeN

                I know exactly what you're talking about, but they have some name on the box that I'm not familiar with. We called them "farfalle dolce" or just "ruscicchi", which was just a calque of Polish "chrusciki". They have chocolate ones... talk about Ubergeek bait.

                Struvoli they're definitely not -- those are balls coated in honey.

                1. re: BrookeN

                  BrookeN, I meant that I like Claro's pizza dough better than TJ's pizza dough. Yes, I love TJ's too, I'm there once a week!

                  1. re: GrindzHound

                    GH, I understood you. The only thing Claros is missing is the hot bread that Bay Cities Market on Lincoln in SaMo seems to always have. For some reason that bread never fully makes it home with me. Ciao!

                    1. re: BrookeN

                      oooh now i love bay cities.. do they have dough and is it even better?

                      1. re: yum

                        They have pizza dough in their large freezer case in the back but never bought it.