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Dec 31, 2006 04:29 PM

Di fara: open today?

anybody know? they're not answering the phone.

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  1. Not answering the phone could mean too many things to assume he's closed. Let it ring 40 times or so and see if anyone picks up. In the past, he only took off Xmas day but maybe he's mellowing.

    1. we passed by the other day and it was a virtual madhouse in there. shoulder to shoulder. we neighborhoodites abandoned it till 2007!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Yes open today. There was a handwritten sign saying open at 12 noon today (instead of 11:30)...

          1. I was there last night, and despite the listed closing time of 10 pm on some website, folks just kept coming and coming, and it seemed that he would never stop. Hopefully the later opening time got Dom and son some much deserved rest!

            Our pie was completely divine. We got a round with artichokes on top. The sauce was amazing--bright, sweet chunks of tomato, generous bits of fresh basil. A generous drenching of fragrant olive oil. Amazingly delicious artichoke with intense garlic flavor, and surprise chunks of soft browned garlic.

            Though the care with which Dom prepares pies has been discussed many, many times here before, it is really incredible to watch. A dusting of flour on the dough and the big wooden paddle. Gently turning and turning and stretching the dough. Sauce. Grating cheese #1, hand tearing cheese #2, (cheese #3 here? or only later?), drizzling olive oil.

            Then, when the tantalizing beauty finally emerges from the oven, and you know it's yours, there's still another olive oil drizzle, grating and covering with cheese #3, and snipping fresh basil to be done...only then can you dig in.

            The pagentry alone is well worth the trip, but the end result is so delicious and so incredible that I am very excited to go back and rejoin the hordes soon. Is there ever a down time there that I can try to hit?

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              when the holidays are over, there are def. times when it is quieter there. i often score a very quiet slice weekdays around 2:30 to 4pm.