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Dec 31, 2006 04:00 PM

Cheap Cuban in Miami

Coming to Miami pretty soon, and would love to hear any and all recommendations for cheap food - street food, sandwiches, cafe con leche, etc. Doesn't have to be that cheap. It's just that I almost always prefer mom and pop, hole in the wall, authentico places to fine dining every time. Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. In Sobe:
    El Chalan
    Puerto Sagua
    David's (original on collins)
    Corner of 6th and Euclid there is a corner store with good food and Awesome fruit juices - best fruit juices I ever had.
    Le Sandwicherie - I think it is overrated but it is good
    There is a Kebab place right next to the shore club which is good.
    POZ has good sandwiches
    Pasha's aint bad either
    A la Folie
    Pizza Rustica - washington & 9th
    Dogma - haven't been in a while ...The one on biscayne is better though...
    I would say cheesburger baby but I never had one sober so I can't say how good they are :).

    Others you might enjoy.
    Joe Allens
    Sardinia - late lunch (weekdays only)-- dinner gets packed and trendy...
    Front Porch - Breakfast
    Cafeteria - breakfast & desserts only!!! - they make very good eggs, mac and cheese can be very good but sometimes it is just good - very inconsistent. Rest of food is very hit or miss. Never go late night...
    Macaluso's lunch place - get a meatball parm hero or get an order of meatballs and garlic bread and put meatballs on garlic bread. Awesome ricotta cheesecake too (but expensive $10 bucks for a slice of cake) - meatball parm is $11 bucks and is a nice portion - expensive but not outrageous.

    Not in sobe (others will have much more...)-
    Las Vacas Gordas - 71st st

    1. There are great places in Miami that can be fairly inexpensive if you eat there at lunch.


      Captain's Tavern and get the Thai Squid Salad. Fried Calamari over tomatos, cucumbers and red onions with a hot sweet and sour dressing.

      For Cuban food I like Blue Sky Cafeteria. You can buy dinners or food by the pound.

      For Sushi I like Kyojin Japanese Seafood Buffet the selection is incredible. If you go at night there is a larger selection of seafood sushi, but lunch is very good.

      A great mom and pop place for a variety of asian food is Asian Fusion. Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese. It is not fancy, but the food is good.

      1. Try Havanna Harry's for tasty and well-priced Cuban food in ritzy Coral Gables, near South Dixie Highway. The Globe, relatively close by, is a good jazz bar with a decent and inexpensive menu. Max's Grill, also in the area, also has good tapas and wont break the budget.

        Dogma does have the best fries, dogs, and lemonade in Miami; I've only been to the one on Biscayne Blvd, though the one on the Beach opens till late.

        Xixon, on Coral Way, is a popular tapas bar. The new setting will allow you the space to sit down and have a meal.

        And if Ethiopian is your thing, try the tres chic Sheba's in the Miami Design District.

        Good luck and enjoy your trip.

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          Sheba is pretty expensive though, but I like it.

          I forgot Tapas and Tintos in Sobe. Solid food. On the same front, Solero on the other side of the bay is also a strong choice.

          I have never been to Hy-Vong but have been dying to try it out. You might want to do more research on that one. I am pretty sure this is the kind of place you are looking for.

        2. You guys are awesome! Great info. Yeah, I'm particularly looking for "only in Miami" ideas. Hate chains and love local flavor. Thanks everyone!

          1. Front Porch was great - terrible service but decent breakfast!

            Perhaps it's a tourist trap but we've always loved Versaille for cuban food. I've had cuban food here and there in my travels and I think Versaille's in Miami is the best. Like I said, perhaps it's a tourist trap but I like it.

            Take a stroll around Calle Ocho for some good cuban food!

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            1. re: surferbettygal

              I would not call Versailles a tourist trap, it's always full of locals. (And most tourists I know wouldn't venture into Little Havana, though Versailles isn't in a bad area.) I highly recommend it. Very reasonable prices, or just go to the counter if you want coffee and pastries and to watch old men play dominoes. Open very early to very late.

              Remember, if you don't habla espanol, when the hostess greets you, make sure you say "hello." I tried to be nice and said "hola," but then I ended up with the spanish menu! (It's OK, I know how to say arroz con pollo in Spanish. . . :-P)

              1. re: Covert Ops

                Versailles has a lot of tourists but is definitely not a tourist trap. Sergio's with a few locations around town is also authentic, casual, cheap, and tasty. They usually have English speakers and the standard menu is bi-lingual. On Coral Way near Coral Gables, the vibe is nice. Also, their Cuban coffee is always great, unlike the imposters on the beach -- David's and the joint accross from the Delano. The Latin American on Biscayne is also authentic with a decent patio and legitimate, everyday Cuban cuisine. Otherwise, you can stop at any little joint to eat with an open window.