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Dec 31, 2006 03:58 PM

Queen Anne Updates?

Banjara, Gorditos, Pete's are now officially closed...rumor has it that the O Lounge and Q are on their last legs. The nice additions of Sorrentino, Portage and Bricco are now open. Via Tribunali is well on its way. Anyone have other updates for the aforementioned spaces? Banjara is a down to the studs renovation but I haven't read or seen any signs around the site indicating a new tenant. With a couple more key additions, QA could become the next Ballard/Madrona eating scene.

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    1. re: babette feasts

      3rd W. and Galer...yet another pizza place in QA but the best one I've eaten in since Naples 20 years ago...

      1. re: TacoBusHound

        ...and I love your of my ATF foodie movies. Try Mostly Marta if you haven't seen it yet...

        1. re: TacoBusHound

          just an FYI that it's: Mostly Martha (not Marta) - or to be exact Bella Martha.

        2. re: TacoBusHound

          Via Tribunali on Queen Anne is officially open as of tonight. It was packed when I drove by and is a rather tiny space, so any hopes of finally getting that fabulous pizza without the silly waits may be dashed...

      2. Hmm. Had heard that Tom Douglas was coming up the hill (bad fit in my opinion) possibly to the Gordito's spot but wondering if it fell through as Gordito's was newly posted (12/29/06) on craigslist/commercial real estate as "restaurant 4 sale". Is Q closed? There was a sign in the window over new year's but didn't read it. Their website, doesn't look promising but probably saves on bandwidth!

        1. Julia's has major plans to enter the Queen Anne scene as well.

          1. Ah yes, Julia's. A lot of us are patiently waiting to see Julia's on the hill. Anyone know a tentative opening date? I believe they're going in across from the church (in an old house) on QA Ave.

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            1. re: fooddawg

              You're kidding, right? I've found every Julia's to be seriously wanting in every respect--food, service, atmosphere.

              I will be seriously disappointed if scarce QA real estate is wasted on expanding this empire.

                1. re: not the bad Steve

                  Yes, tongue planted firmly in cheek. There was a time when I enjoyed brunch at Julia's. That was many years ago and it's been downhill ever since. Never been back. Just wondering how they're going to fit into that house? If I recall correctly, there wasn't much room inside when it was a salon (Intermezzo).

                2. re: fooddawg

                  What an amazing restaurant! A new vibe for julias for sure! I could not believe how they transformed that house into a vintage style restaurant obviously sparing no expense, it even has rooms where they have there own names, we dined in the chocolate room which also has its own museum of antiques from the late 1800 century, wow! I have to admit though however: the new queen anne location cannot be compared to any of its other locations! Either its under new owners or new management. Our food was amzing the service was excellent and the servers appearance was uncomparable for the history of julias! We highly recommend the newest edition to queen anne!

                3. I'm most curious about what might go into the Banjara space. Peeking through the windows, it looks like they've not torn out the freezer so I'm hopefull that it's still going to be a restaurant. Someone asked about Q. The sign just indicated they would be closed for two weeks or so around the holidays. They always look empty though and I found their food vile on our one visit.

                  I'm curious about that Via Tribunali space. Are they only going to occupy the eastmost part of that building. The other couple of windows, where there seems to be the most activity, have For Lease signs in them.

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                  1. re: SandraV

                    Yes, Via Trib is going into the eastmost part. It certainly doesn't look very big. I was surprised as I thought the larger corner unit (with all of the windows) was the most desireable for a restaurant. Look for it to open in late Feb/early March. Regarding Banjara, I looked online at the City of Seattle's permit page and it looks like Orrapin filed a permit to expand existing restaurant space?