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Kobe Beef - At Milestone's ??!!!

We went to Milestone's (Yorkdale) for dinner last night with the kids. Their menu has been updated a bit since the last time we were there.

The food was very good - between us, we had the Grilled Chicken Salad, a Hamburger, the Seabass (Mexican corvina), and the "Kobe Beef Meatloaf."

What in the world is Milestone's doing, using Kobe beef (is this for real?) in meatloaf? It was actually quite good, served with a very good, rich shiitake mushroom sauce with garlic mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and a so-so savoury bread pudding (with undetectable gorgonzola).

Can they really be using Kobe beef? And, if they are (and I'll have to assume that they're mixing it with regular beef, given the price), why waste it on meatloaf?

Here's a description of the meatloaf on their website:
Premium Kobe beef served over garlic mashed potatoes, smothered with shiitake mushroom au jus and topped with lightly fried onion strings. Accompanied by savoury bread pudding & steamed seasonal vegetables

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  1. Crazy... bringing that in from Japan to make meatloaf with. I'm both bemused and impressed.

    1. By the way, for those of you who may be thinking that I ordered the meatloaf BECAUSE of its being made with Kobe beef, this is not so. There are simply times when a comfort food item like this is very desirable. But I would have been just as happy (maybe even happier) with regular beef.

      1. FlavoursGal:

        I am not at all questioning the fact that Milestones states on their menu that the meatloaf consists of Kobe beef just like other restaurants purport to serve "Kobe" beef hamburgers and the like.

        Call me a cynic...hey, I have been called much, much worse...unless the menu had quite a number of other premium cuts of Kobe beef in relation to which the cuttings and scraps could be ground into "hamburger", I highly doubt it.

        Yes, it could be Wagyu beef. There are North American ranchers raising this type of cattle or a cross of the same with I think Black Angus, but that does not, at least to my understanding, make it Kobe beef, unless as the name suggests it originates with suppliers in the Kobe region of Japan produced and fed in the fashion they have done for quite some time.

        No way a chain like Milestones is bringing in Kobe beef for meatloaf alone. They would not put it on the menu unless they were assured of a steady production unless a limited time special. Special? Meat loaf? LOL Yes, nothing wrong with "comfort food" but not at a chain featuring such a product. By the way what did they charge?

        But at the end of the day as you stated, you enjoyed it.

        1. It's American Wagyu beef. There are no regulations outside of Japan regarding what you can call Kobe beef. 90% of "Kobe" beef in North America is American Wagyu beef. The other 10% is totally fake.

          1. Thanks for clarifying this, Bob_Mac and Kasumeat. One has to wonder why Milestone's deems it necessary to glorify the name of their meatloaf. They seem to use quality AAA beef in their steaks and rib roast - shouldn't this be sufficient for their meatloaf, as well?

            By the way, how DOES Wagyu beef compare in price to AAA? Could be it's cheaper, and they get to use the "Kobe" name.

            The price for the meatloaf dinner was, I believe, $17.95.

            1. There is no way on earth it could possibly be "Kobe" beef. The necessary price point of a Kobe steak or roast would be astronomical and its presence at Milestones the stuff of media coverage. The trimmings would be tres cher also.

              It may or may not be wagyu beef, the cow from which, as I understand it, Kobe beef is processed. Wagyu is just a type of cow and may or may not be of a high grade and may or may not be well aged. So they need not be lying per se. But it is really meaningless if not disingenuous.

              But meat from wagyu cows fed special rations and beer, given regular massages, and imported from Japan. Who are they kidding? I assume that their legal folks have discovered that the term "Kobe beef" may not have any legal status in Canada.

              There is a butcher in Oakville that claims to sell top grade, well aged wagyu beef. The name escapes me, but they are on the north side of Lakeshore toward the western end of the shopping strip. It is not claimed to be real "Kobe" and it is extremely expensive.

              1. I just sent off the following email to Cara Corp. (owner of Milestone's):

                "I had dinner with my family last night at the Milestone's location in Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. It was an enjoyable meal, with excellent service.

                I ordered the Kobe Beef Meatloaf, which was very good, save for the so-so savoury bread pudding. My question is this: since you can't possibly be using Kobe beef in the meatloaf, given the expense and logistics of getting authentic Japanese Kobe beef to your restaurants across Canada, what kind of beef are you using? And how, on earth, can you judiciously claim to be using this ingredient?

                As a culinary professional, I find it hard to believe that a corporation such as Cara would be trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the general consumer. And, since it is highly unlikely that authentic Kobe beef is being used, I, for one, would like to see the name and description of the meatloaf changed."

                I'll keep you posted when (or better, if) I receive a reply.

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                1. re: FlavoursGal

                  Kobe beef has become a sort generic term for Wagyu beef available in North America(only cattle from Kobe, Japan can "officially" call themselves Kobe). I'm guilty myself sometimes, as I occasionally call Wagyu beef "Kobe", when I should be saying Wagyu. To my knowledge, there are no establishments in Canada(steakhouses, restaurants, butcher shops, etc.) serving actual Kobe beef. I believe they're a very very small handful in the US serving real Kobe beef.

                2. I had an actual Kobe steak in NY a few months ago, it was $150 for 10 oz. Delicious but ridiculous.

                  (It was an expensed meal and we all ordered them)...

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                  1. re: childofthestorm

                    Gotta love those "expense accounts" childofthestorm! [smile]...sittin' here eating a roast pork studded with garlic sandwich for breakfast from our New Years Eve meal...DEFINITELY NOT KOBE BEEF! but pretty darn good except for the fact that my breathe can probably melt steel [grin]

                  2. You guys are hilarious. They breed a cow that they call Kobe etc. Yes, the breeding may be superior. To understand the animal, is to understand how EVERY part of the animal is used in the food chain etc. Does the menu say that the Milestones Meatloaf is made of Kobe Beef Tenderloin? Or Ribeye? Or Striploin? Ummmm, no. They are using the 'other' parts if the animal from the Kobe cows which is what they should be doing anyways to make meatloaf! What do you think...they trim the prime cuts and throw the rest away! The allure is in the prime cuts and the branding of the breed. Milestones just jumped on the bandwagon. Its all good:) I love meatloaf! I will be braising some very expensive Kobe Beef testicals tomorrow!

                    1. Did they pour you a drink of Dom and Dr Pepper to wash it down with? You might as well mince fresh bluefish tuna to make your kids fish-gingers. Ew.