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Expired buttermilk

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I have about 1/4 gallon of buttermilk that has been expired for about 5 days. I want to use it but I don't know whether or not it is use-able, does anyone know a recipe that calls for soured buttermilk?

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  1. I'm sure this will get moved shortly, but buttermilk is generally already soured, and it tends to keep well beyond the sell-by date. It's an ongoing battle for my wife and I, though.

    1. Perfect opportunity to make lots of cornbread!


      1. I drink a lot of buttermilk and have always had good b milk even 2 weeks after the date on the carton.

        1. Much of that will depend on your refrigeration temps. A good and consistently cold refrigerator, should be fine. However, if ever left out for some time (like over breakfast) or the fluid temperature has risen above 40 degrees, it could be a goner even before the stamped date.

          Fluid Dairy products are not forgiving to temperature fluctuations. Case in point is jugs/cartons stored in the door that get very air movement. Over at my sisters, I have seen milk go bad within a week because the door was fanned so often by her kids. Poor temperature recovery of an old refrigerator was the blame. The new fridge rocks for her as it is a commercial one with a much higher recovery performance.

          1. you *could* taste it, if you know what buttermilk tastes/smells like
            I've had great luck with buttermilk past the due date. Soak some chicken, make some scones, make a cake...whatever you'd do with buttermilk anyway. That is, if it's not spoiled. VERY doubtful that it's spoiled 5 days past due.

            watch out for reddish mold -- that's the dangerous kind.
            of course, I'd throw it out if there were ANY mold....

            1. Just made a luscious chocolate cake for my hubby's 39th birthday, with buttermilk whose expiration date was Christmas. It tasted fine to us solo, ("like orange juice", pronounced my four year old) and the cake is great.

              We keep milk in the door, but our fridge has this plastic garage-door-like thing you keep pulled down over your items. There is a small hole in the side that connects to a vent in the other side of the door when closed, that pipes in the cold air. Hard to describe, I guess. Anyway, it works pretty well for keeping things handy and cold.

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                I have the same exact fridge, and my buttermilk expired christmas also.

              2. I have kept buttermilk for up to six weeks past the due date with little noticeable change. Shake the carton and pour some into a glass. It should not be separated, curdled thickly, smell vinegary or show any signs of mold. It may be thicker than when fresh, but should still smell slightly tangy.

                Five days is nothing with buttermilk.