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Dec 31, 2006 02:33 PM

Sir Charles Napier spriggs Alley nr Chinnor Bucks

i just have to rave about this old and wonderful pub / restaurant that i have been to several times . Its in the middle of nowhere ( but just off the M40 ) with a most exquisite sculpture garden and pretty garden areas ( and heli pad ! ) . its an old pub with wonderful food with serious qualities . its no surprise its won the best food in oxfordshire award in the past .
on a warm day you can sit outside under the vine , in colder times enjoy the old fashioned interior with more sculptures , i love it ! The anglo - med food is all prepared fleshly and with huge style and more .
check it out at and find the location but dont tell your friends !

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  1. Thanks for the tip. We need to be in Wallingford from time to time, so this might be a good lunch place for us to try.

    1. This is a lovely place and the food is good although it does'nt quite measure up to the hosts own opinion of themselves.

      1. On the one occasion that I've eaten there the evening was spoilt by the manner of the head waitress who we subsequently found out to be the owner. My son was paying and asked to have the service charge deducted from the bill before his credit card went through. Madame even argued with him as to whether he really wanted to do that. Shame because the food and the other staff were very good. Won't be going again.

        1. So, so glad to hear from oodle and malcolm--my husband and I went for our anniversary and good heavens but she does fancy herself!! Absolutely stiff, prickly, unwelcoming attitude from The Mistress. I hated being told we (all the lunch guests) were to stay in the lounge until She allowed us to go into the dining room en masse. I'd prefer to sit at my table with our bottle of wine while we look over the menu, but one was told one must do that only in designated areas!! The food was lovely, but I would emphatically not recommend this place to anyone because of the attitude.

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            We had a similar reception but by another person. Granted, the restaurant was very crowded and we had picked a bad day to drop by. I doubt we'll return with so many other worthy places to spend our money.

            Another PhillyGirl