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Natural Casing Hot Dogs

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Am looking for natural casing Sabrett or Nathan's Hot dogs n the DC area. Prefer bulk if possible.


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  1. The only place I've seen Sabrett's in this area is at Safeway. Not sure if they have natural casings though. BJ's carries Nathan's dogs in bulk, but once again, not sure if they have natural casings. On a side note, Super Fresh carries Boar's head natural casing dogs.

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      I've checked the safeway, giant, BJs and Costco in my area. Unfortunately they stock the skinless version of sabrett's and Nathan's.

      How are the Boar's head dogs?

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        I like the flavor of the Sabrett's dogs even though they were skinless. The Boar's head dogs, many people like, and give a little snap when you bite into them. I find the Boar's head dogs to be pretty good, but not as good in flavor as the Sabrett's. They're also a bit chewy. They run about $6/lb.

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          SFW also carries Dietz and Watson dogs, and they are pretty good dogs. I believe they are with skin, but am not sure. Worth a shot.

      2. I do not know of anyone who carries either Sabrett's or Nathan's natural casings hot dogs. (If you find them, let me know.) However, on a good day, Shalom in Wheaton, Snyders in Silver Spring, and Koshermart in Rockville will have other brands in their deli cases. Plus, if you don't mind a drive, there are a number of Pikesville delis that carry hot dogs in natural casings, including their own home brands.

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          If in B'more there is always Binkerts on Philadelphia Road

        2. Magruder's carries Nathan's natural casing franks from time to time. I was in the store yesterday, looking for them and they didnt have any. It's hit or miss at that store for this item

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            I check them for the next month or so. Thanks.

          2. I thought Wegmans carried the best selection of dogs in the city/area.

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              They do have a good selection but no nathan's or sabrett's natural casing dogs. I think there is a huge difference between natural casing and skinless. Love the snap.

            2. You could always shoot an email to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and see if they know. Yes, it's a real organization.


              1. Harris Teeter in Pentagon Row has Sabrett's and Nathans, but neither with natural casings. They do have Dietz and Watsons in natural casings, though. In the deli section.

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                  Speak to the managers there and they will probably be willing to special order a case of either the Sabrett's or Nathans for you.

                2. In order to keep this board focused on where to find natural casing hot dogs locally, we've moved a few off topic posts to the General Topics board.

                  1. I saw Nathan's natural casing tonight at BJ's in Columbia--3 lb. package (~24 count), $9.99...right alongside the skinless ones.

                    1. Wegmans carries 3- and 5-pound sacks of Zweigels and Hofman's natural casing hotdogs from upstate New York. Not as fatty as Nathans.

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                        Note that Sabrett and Nathan's are all-beef. I don't think Zweigle or Hofmann have an all-beef dog, which my guess is what the OP is looking for.

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                          You're right. They're beef and pork, but the OP didn't state all-beef explicitly, and the Wegmans stuff is in bulk.

                          There's also the Gwaltney halfsmokes in the 3-lb packs at Shoppers. They're the kind they use at Ben's Chili Bowl. I'm pretty sure they're all beef and they have a casing.

                          1. re: monkeyrotica

                            Which Shoppers are you referring to? I've looked for them at SFW and never found them. I also was not aware that Gwaltney's makes them---Briggs is the standard half smoke I know of. And IIRC they are a combo of pork and beef.

                            1. re: johnb

                              I've seen them at all three SFWs on Route 1 South in Alexandria (Potomac Yards, the one at North Kings Highway, and 7660 Richmond Highway).

                              Gwaltney definitely makes them. There's a pic here:


                              It's at 6 oclock, between the smoked ham and the cured ham. They come in mild and spicy.

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                          Both sold dogs but Wegmans also carry Sahlens, which are the best hot dogs ever. They are also a pork/beef blend.

                        3. I am originally from Connecticut and believe me, we know natural casing hot dogs! We grow up on them. Oh how I miss the many brands in CT. However living in Frederick, MD now has it's challenges! I used to make trips up to Ct and visit family and stop at the grocery store on the way back and buy many pounds of the good stuff. I have discovered Hoffman's Natural Casing Weiners at Wegmans in VA...they are very, very good!!! It's alot easier driving the hour to Dulles VA then to drive the 6 hours to CT. So head to Wegmans ASAP (call ahead because sometimes they are sold out). These dogs are way better then Sabretts, Boars head, Nathans and Dietz and Watson. You can get a 5 pound bag for $19.99, sometimes they are on sale for even less. By the way, when you cook them....cook some regular bacon, set the bacon aside, cook the hot dogs in the bacon grease and then add the cooked bacon to the bun with your toppings and enjoy!! By the way, this picture is of a hot dog stand I grew up eating at in Bridgeport, CT...the best food ever!!

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                            that's so not Kosher (smirk)

                            there's always the DIY route.

                          2. The SFW in Crofton, MD, has the Sabretts natural casing dogs in packs of 6 so I'm guessing some others would too. The Weis Supermarket here in Ellicott City has Pearl Kountry Klub Beef in natural casings from MA that are excellent. I am buying diffrerent varieties for a "Dog of the Week" (NYC, Cinci, Carolina, Chicago, Sonaro etc.) experience at work - anyone seen Vienna Beef in the Baltimore/Washington area for our Chicago dog week? As to the discussion of half-smokes, Manger's is the only brand to buy - you can get a 5 lb. package of them (20 pieces hot or mild w/ casings or skinless) at BK Millers in Clinton for $15.99.

                            1. Yes, I know this thead has been dead for over two years, but, after reading the "half-smoke" thread, it got me wondering.

                              Where can you get natural casing hot dogs (preferably Kosher-style) these days? I grew up eating Nathan's (obviously nothing like what you see in the stores and franchises), as well as European Kosher brand that they used to sell at Katz's, Posin's and (believe it or not) Giant (albeit not since the 1960s). Last time I was able to find a natural casing dog was a couple of years ago when I schlepped up to one of those Kosher butcher shops in Pikesville a couple of years ago.

                              I know that European Kosher, Katz's and Posin's are all gone, and even Giant is really just Stop-and-Shop with a different name, but hope springs eternal.

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                              1. re: pgreen

                                Wegmans carries Sahlens which are by and far the best hot dogs ever made. They are a pork/beef blend.

                                1. re: reiflame

                                  Not exactly Kosher, and there is no Wegmans nearby. But that is quite a claim--I will take a look next time I'm in the vicinity of one.

                                  1. re: pgreen

                                    Just FYI you must cook them (preferably over a charcoal grill) until the skin blackens and cracks.

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                                    Sahlen's are great; a unique peppery flavor. Hartmann's from Canandaigua, N.Y. are also very good and sold at many Wegmans. My favorite beef/pork German style frank is Thumann's from N.J.

                                2. I get "uncured" hot dogs from South Mountain Creamery - a dairy in MD that delivers to MD, VA and DC. They have natural casings and are pretty darned good.


                                  1. Just to revive this thread, Safeway, Shoppers Food Warehouse, and Harris Teeter have dropped Nathan's Natural Casing Hotdogs. Don't care for Boar's Head, so who still sells Nathan's casing dogs? Wegmans? I'd rather not have to order direct.

                                    1. I have seen Sabrett at Costco.

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                                        Are those natural casing or caseless? Teeter has Sabretts but caseless only.

                                        1. re: monkeyrotica

                                          Restaurant Depot/Jetro carries both Nathan's & Sabrett

                                      2. If you see any Hofmanns white snappy grilles, definitely give them a try. I'd never had a natural casing hot dog until I went camping in upstate NY a few years ago. We tried Sahlens, Zweigels, Boars Head, Thurman's, all if the Hartmann's from Canandaigua, N.Y. Varieties & all of the Hofmann styles. By far, the snappys are my absolute favorite. Not too salty & a nice black pepper flavor. Until we got a Publix a month ago, we would stick up on snappys at the closest Wegmans (in VA). We have cookouts just to turn more poor Southerners on to the greatness of natural casing hot dogs. Love em! Oh-and the Hoffmans mustard is pretty great too.