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Dec 31, 2006 11:49 AM


Having dinner there one night this week.. I have wanted to go for some time, anyone have an experience here.

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  1. We went for lunch on Sunday maybe a year ago - it's in our neighborhood and, like you, had been meaning to try it. As I recall, service was quite good, food was decent but I thought a bit expensive for what it was. One odd thing is that they serve this sort of brunch bread basket to go with a "regular" lunch. I think we decided that we'd rather spend our money at Vico than at Centolire. Sorry I can't remember what we had.

    1. The Cesears salad is one of the best ive iver had.

      1. I would suggest their pastas. I have had a few...most recently one with sausage and one in a white clam sauce. I agree that the ceasar salad is very good as well. They also have a lot of specials.

        Souffles are a good choice for dessert.

        1. Allow me to express my extreme liking of this restaurant.. I like everything about the place.. Its a true neighborhood place.. Certainly an upscale neighborhood place.. It gives off a very comfortable yet formal feeling.. The quality of the food is top notch from the seafood, pasta, meats, and cheeses..

          Really nice touch, to start we were served bread and a bowl of fresh ricotta cheese drizzled with Olive Oil.. This is a very good sign to me..

          We started with a cesar salad.. The cesar might be my favorite version I have had.. It was spicy from the garlic, had crisp lettuce.. I think this place has ruined cesar salad for me..

          We also had a stuffed artichoke.. This was the best stuffed artichoke I have ever had.. I am still thinking about this guy.

          We then on to split a pasta course.. The spaghetti Carbonara.. Pasta was perfect, the dressing was great. They added truffles to the pasta. Not just truffle oil or butter but actually specks of black truffles.. Fabulous version..

          My girl then went on to order the prosciutto wrapped scallops.. Some of the biggest scallops I have seen in Manhattan.. Certainly bigger then any I could buy at a Citarella or Fairway.. They were huge! I dont know what else it came with.. Sweet potatoes with balsamic I believe and a green or some sort.. I feel scallops are often over looked by chefs.. They are dishes that often times I find are put on the menu and there presence is enough for most cooks.. But here, the scallop dish was actually treated with care and were fantastic.. Again, the quality was just really surprising..

          I ordered a seafood bouillabaisse.. It was very good but a little boring.. If you love fresh seafood then this is a great option.. A pile and I mean pile of mussles, clams, chunks of fish and other seafood offerings sitting in a tomato sauce.. Again, I dont know what I was expecting, but it was still very good.. Much better the next day poured of a nice plate of spaghetti at my house..

          The wine list certaily gets a little pricey.. We were with another couple that didnt like wine so we went with a 38 dollar bottle of Italian Red.. There cheapest bottle.. It was better then most bottles I order at twice the price..

          For dessert we ordered the honey souffle.. It was very good, next time I might go tangerine to added a little citrus to it..

          Such an ejoyable meal, I couldnt imagine anyone not liking this place. The care and thought that was put into each item is what all restaurants would be like in a perfect world.. In order for Italian Food to really shine, it need to be ingrediant driven.. This place is really special..

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            So glad to read your review - we'll have to try it again - for dinner this time.