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Dec 31, 2006 09:51 AM

Late Night New Year's Eve?

After the noise and confetti, where's a good place to eat? Had a couple of late-nighters in mind:

Phoenix Inn
Pacific Dining Car

...but *argh* they're mostly in areas with high chances of crowds or departing traffic. Any suggestions? Any type of cuisine or $$, and coming from a combo of USC, westside, and Silverlake areas. Any suggestions appreciated!

Happy New Year!

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  1. I must be out of the NYE loop...what crowds and traffic from where?

    Think you're out of luck with Suehiro-they close 9:30.
    You might try Full House Seafood or May Flower in Chinatown-they could be open late. I'm sure if you cruise down Valley Blvd. in SGV there will be places open.

    1. Um, here's my .02---
      BCD TOFU HOUSEs on at Wilshire and Kingsley and at Western & Ninth are open 24 or mo'/365. Heaters at the outdoor tables.
      SAMANLUANG, 5176 Hollywood Blvd. No heaters, but lots of trannies.

      1. May Flower in Chinatown on Spring/Ord Street is open until 2 am tonight.