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Dec 31, 2006 09:47 AM

Anyone Tried Liv's Oyster Bar Yet? Old Saybrook, CT

SO and I are thinking about checking it out-- any reports?

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  1. I was there this past Thursday. Had the oyster sampler for an appy. Six different and they were fantastic. Ice cold and great flavor. Clean briny taste, each with a subtle difference.(although all east coast) Had the pepper encrusted tuna which was properly cooked rare and great flavor. Another hit was the slaw served with the tuna. Shaved fennel with calamata olives....super. My wife had clams with linguine which was exceptional, and a very good fried oyster appy.

    Service was very slow due to an extremly inexperienced waitress, and bus staff. Forgot drink orders and we had to ask hostess for bread.

    Food great...service fair at best.

    1. Thanks for the update. I'll defintely be going-- oyster sampler sounds great.

      1. oysters are terrific and many choices. Menu is ambitious for a new restaurant. I've been twice and have had a few great dishes, my husband's entrees were fair at best. (I'm reluctant to say what I had because I don't want to taint the place, they may still have to get a few kinks out) The chef is a nice guy and he visited tables and introduced himself. Our area needs more great restaurants and I believe Liv's is a step in the right direction. I applaud the concept. Great place to hit before or after a movie. Service was fair, but it must be difficult to get good help on the shoreline.

        I hope they keep improving

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          1. Finally made it there--they were quite busy on a Sunday night. The herbed bread and endive salad were good, as was the chowder, which had an unexpected tast of tarragon. Hanger steak came exactly as ordered, and the trout and beets were reportedly delicious, although my wife wouldn't give me a taste but hogged it all to herself. There was no sign of the spotty service mentioned above, the waiter was friendly and helpful.

            During the meal we made the discovery that the delightful young lady at the next table was the eponymus Liv herself. Didn't try the oysters, but there was a lineup of eager eaters at the bar, and the variety of the fresh display was impressive. If you can't get a seat, remember that Jack's Bistro two blocks to the south is also good.