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Dec 31, 2006 06:53 AM

Duck leg confit recipe sought

I seem to recall that there was a recipe in the NY Times or perhaps on Food Network, or perhaps in some magazine for duck leg confit cooked in a ziploc bag as a sort of sous-vide method. However, I cannot find it now (especially with the internet still very slow for me as a result of the Taiwan earthquake) so I wonder if someone out there could send/post it? Would be very grateful, since I just bought four great-looking duck legs at the Xinyuanli market!

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  1. There is a recipe for duck confit using duck legs at the link below but it doesn't utilize ziploc bags. The duck confit recipe appears at the end of Cassoulet recipe.

    1. I realize now that it was not using Ziplocs but rather vacuum sealed bags. Now to see if I could find a vacuum sealer in China.