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Dec 31, 2006 05:52 AM

Just Wondering Swiss Chalet or Nando's Chicken? Which Do You Prefer?

I do like both, but there is something about Nando's I do love more then the SC...Is the charcol flavour of the BBQ on the chicken..SC dont mind too much! Tour boi

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  1. I haven't been able to eat Swiss Chalet since moving to Little Portugal and having easy access to good churrasco chicken anytime I want. SC is a waste of time.

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      I beg to differ, estragon. Personally, I love churrasco chicken too, but Swiss Chalet also does a tasty chicken. And the fries have stayed pretty consistent, for such a large chain.
      I've never tried Nando's, but one just opened near me at Laird and Eglinton. What's it like?

      1. re: estragon

        I agree w/ you 100%

        Their food sucks.

        Ever since they changed to trans fat free oil, their fries are no longer good & I used to love their sauce.

        I end up going there & spending the same money I would pay for a really good meal.

        Happy New Year everyone : )


      2. That's a bit like asking who does the best burger, Mc Donald's or Burger King. Both have their place in life (mostly as a hangover cure for me - but as I am getting older that kind of drinking doesn't seem to happen much anymore) but I would not compare them to a properly prepared hand made burger.

        A good family run churrasco joint should always outperform the chains.

        1. tried the Nando's on Laird while Christmas shopping.
          I don't get it.
          The price is high for fast food.
          The chickens are small and yes you can buy two whole large chickens for the price of one small ones at Nando's at any portugese shop.
          You can buy a whole very large chicken from Longo's (which is quite tasty, but I suspect that they use MSG) cooked for almost third of the price.
          The dinner sides are all starch.
          rice potato corn
          I questioned this and was told that I could have a salad instead, but they were out of salad.
          It wasn't bad chicken, but...
          I don't get it..
          The proprietor of this franchise is a very nice man, and I wish him success.

          1. For a chain, I actually think Swiss Chalet is pretty enjoyable. You know what you're going to get. I don't think there are many places where you can get that kind of meal, with full table service, for such a cheap price. I guess it has nostalgic value, too, because a visit to Swiss Chalet seems pretty much unchanged from what I remember as a kid.

            But you have to keep in mind that the consistency between locations is not very good. One of the best locations seems to be the Bloor & Bathurst one, at which I've always had great meals. The Yonge near Dundas location, on the other hand, is abysmal, with dry chicken and ungodly smells drifting up from the bathrooms into the dining area.

            1. Nando's is around again? There was one on Eglinton, between Bathurst and Allen, a number of years ago. It lasted about 2 years, I think. It was not great then. I believe it's a South African chain, is it not?

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                I know this is dated, so maybe you already got your answer FG, but there is a Nando's on Yonge south of Major Mac that's still there. I haven't been though so I can't comment on quality.