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Dec 31, 2006 05:35 AM

Westwood Persian

Grilled meat, chicken or fish. Good salad starters or sides. Good value. Group of five -- we had a fun meal at Zankou a few months ago, also enjoyed Nook. Shamshiri, Sheherezad, or Sunnin? Yes, I know Sunnin is much more casual. One person has a gluten allergy.

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  1. Tarish (sp?) on Washington Blvd. (west of Lincoln) in Marina del Rey / Venice. Small, never busy, fantastic food. Highly recommend the rice w/ sour cherries and the chicken kebobs, but everything is very good.

    1. Sherezad is my favorite of these foodwise, followed by Shamshiri which has better atmosphere imo.

      Sunnin is Lebanese, so has very different (but also delicious) food.

      1. i enjoy sharazad (sp?) and shamshiri. there is also javan in the adjacent neighborhood. i have yet to try flame (a few doors south of sharazad) but it looks tasty.

        1. My favorite is Shamshiri - wonderful specials and I love the room. Mme Zoe likes Flame. Avoid Baran, which is South of SM Blvd on Westwood, at all costs - poor service, indifferent food and not welcoming.