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Dec 31, 2006 04:13 AM

Montreal Visit

The two of us are visiting Montreal the week after New Year's and are hoping or a few good suggestions on places to dine out. Looking for at least one upscale evening out (Toque' seems to be closed for the week we're there, sigh...) as well as some more low key local places. We'd also appreciate a recommendation for a really good French restaurant. And if anyone can clue us into some good jazz places, that would be great too.

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  1. Our two fav restos are in the plateau: Les Heritiers and Les Infideles. The only place we've found jazz (w/dinner) is Modavie on St. Paul -- but I get bombed each time I mention it on this board!!! It's just standard fare...nothing special. Steaks, lamb chops, etc. We really went more for the jazz and its walking distance to where we were staying. Just do a search on these boards and you'll read nothing but great things of the two restos mentioned. Have fun!

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      Thanks so much for giving us some great ideas. We live in NYc and have never visited Motreal and we are really looking forward to our trip. Contact me if you ever need info for NYC. Tom

    2. Upscale:
      - Le Club Chasse & Pêche (market-driven French)
      - La Chronique (contemporary French)
      - Anise (French-Lebanese fusion)

      Upscale prices but down-home atmosphere:
      - Au Pied de Cochon
      - Joe Beef

      Other high-endish eateries worth considering:
      - Les Chèvres (contemporary French with innovative desserts, in Outremont)
      - Ferreira (contemporary Portuguese bistro specializing in seafood, downtown)

      Bistro (what Montreal does best):
      - Leméac (upscalish, comfortably ensconced in bourgeois Outremont, great after-10 p.m. special)
      - Cocagne (across the street from L'Express, at times edgier, the former home of Toqué!)
      - Holder (Old Montreal's iconic bistro)
      - Au Petit Extra (East End, echt-Montrealais, affordable and fun)
      - L'Express (the mother of them all, as close to Paris as it gets, too bad the food isn't better but no complaints about the wine list)
      - Le Continental (just up the street from L'Express, classic bistro with a Plateau vibe)

      Only in Montreal:
      - Le P'tit Plateau (BYOB with brusque service but fabulous southwestern French food, including the city's best confit de canard and best deal on foie gras au torchon)
      - Ail, Y'ail, Y'ail (crazy Portuguese eatery specializing in seafood)
      - Au Cinquième Péché (my current favourite in that category of small, affordable, French-inspired bistro-type restaurants that make this city such a delight to live in. Others include La Montée de Lait, Le Jolifou, Le Margaux, L'Atélier, Cuisine et Dépendence, M sur Masson, Le Bleu Raisin)
      - Olive et Gourmando and Le Cartet in Old Montreal for breakfast/brunch and nearby Cluny Art Bar for lunch or Thursday night dinner
      - Weekend brunch at Réservoir and Byblos
      - Upstairs (on Bishop south of Ste-Catherine, the city's best and most intimate jazz venue, with an OK kitchen to boot)
      - BU wine bar (with a short but appealing Italian menu of nibbles and heartier fare)
      - Dieu du Ciel, Le Cheval Blanc and L'Ameràboire microbreweries, especially the first.

      Don't forget the bagels (St-Viateur or Fairmount), smoked meat (Schwartz's or Snowdon Deli), french fries (Frite Alors! or Patati Patata), affordable ethnic eateries (too many to list), espresso bars (Caffè Italia in Little Italy, Caffè ArtJava on the Plateau or downtown) or the Jean-Talon Market.

      Nearly all the abovementioned establishments have websites and have been discussed repeatedly on this board, so make use of Google and the CH search function. Note, too, that I haven't checked what their post-holiday schedules are like. Also check out the reviews on the following sites: (especially the Montreal Food Guide hyperlinked in the left-hand column
      ) (including the archives
      ) (in French but trustworthy, ditto the archives

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        Of all the places I should have mentioned but didn't, the most glaring omission is Brunoise. Upscale dining at mid-scale prices.

      2. I have a couple of recommendations on my Montreal travel review listed here:

        But one thing I would recommend is a visit to Marche Jean Talon for lunch. Visit any of the Italian restaurants near the market.