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Dec 31, 2006 03:12 AM


anybody have thoughts about capo on ocean ave. in santa monica?

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  1. good food but not cheap. their burrata salad and any of their grilled meats are a must try. their wine list is definitely above average.

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      Shared owners with Wally's wines, foolish wine markups up to 10 times retail, no BYOB (1 btl per PARTY)! Their tasting menu is the only way to avoid being robbed. Used to falsely anounce (still there today?) "pata negra" ham on the menu. Too many good alternatives out there, this is a yuppie trap. To avoid.

      1. re: wilafur

        second the burrata and heirloom tomato and any grilled meats. true though about the price, luckily my in-laws footed the bill

      2. Agreed, this place is over-priced and under delivers on the food. Nothing is so memorable as to prevent your eyes from popping at the bill. I don't mind (like anyone on these boards) dropping good money on great food. There are many times when I've dropped twice what I've dropped at Capo and felt the meals were excellent, well worth what I paid and I left happy. Not at Capo. The entrees are unfocused, the grilled meats are very average for a restaurant in this price range. Wine prices are absurd-- easily 20-50 dollars too much per bottle. I guess the rent on the place is high, so they have to charge over their heads. There are much better places for less. To avoid.

        1. I'll echo the "over priced for what you get" theme... I've only eaten there once, but was underwhelmed. At those prices, food should be truly outstanding. My steak was good, but no better than what I've had at the high end chain places. There was a bit of attitude about the place which I can do without. We ordered a less-expensive wine, since theirs are priced in the stratosphere.

          I can't imagine that the rent is THAT high... I think that they are just fleecing the customers... and since the customers keep coming, they keep charging the high prices! (Think "Ivy" - high prices, a bit of a scene, and food that doesn't justify the prices.)

          1. My husband loved this italian place. I thought it was mediocre at best. I remember the prices were on the pricey side. I've from Boston and very spoiled with the North End.

            Hey, after you eat at Capo's, you can take a nice stroll around Sant Monica and the Pier.

            1. A good meal-- not great and unbelieveably expensive. We went for my husband's birthday and then a week later took a client and his wife to mastro's (Mastro's was expensed) and Capo for 2 came in $20 less than Mastro's for 4.