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Dec 31, 2006 02:14 AM

Yeast Waffles

I am going to make yeast waffles for the first time (to avoid the high sodium in baking powder- or baking soda-raised waffles). Any particular advice? I don't see how they could actually taste like waffles. Are they more likely to stick to the iron?

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  1. I rested mine overnight once, and the container wasn't big enough. They went all over the fridge. Make sure your container with hold the rise.

    I have a Krups iron, and you can grease it up first, which is what I usually do after it's heated.

    1. The only successful recipe I've tried for this is the one from Cook's Illustrated, whose key insight is to mix everything together and refrigerate it overnight, rather than adding the eggs in the morning, which just deflates the whole mixture. I think they taste great (possibly due to a LOT of butter in the recipe), quite a lot like waffles, just yeastier. Is there really a big reduction in sodium? They still require some salt, but maybe there's much more sodium in baking soda/powder than I realized.

      Oh, final tip, don't SEAL the container you let them rise in. Just cover it. And as noted above, definitely heat the iron and then grease it well before the first waffle. If there's enough butter in the batter the subsequent waffles shouldn't stick, but that first one is always trouble.