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Dec 31, 2006 01:40 AM

Hoffy Coney's with natural casing at Marukai

Today while shopping for Oshogotsu at Marukai in Gardena (Artesia/Western location) I'm looking in the meat section and there are Hoffy Coney's(with natural casings)loose wrapped in packages sold by the pound ($4.49/lb).

Funny, I've seen them before and never paid attention because they've always had them. Hawaiians like that kind of hot dog with natural casing. They also carry Redondo's which is the brand of hot dogs Hawaiians like too-"the red kine."

Hoffy is the brand that Pinks uses(Pinks claim they're made for them specially).

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  1. yep got some in my fridge right now...... Great Pan Fried with ketchup on them and some rice.....