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Dec 31, 2006 01:23 AM

Late-night cafes within striking distance of Rego Park

I'm a writer. Since my twins were born two years ago, it's been difficult to get any writing done after 9:00 PM. What I really want is a coffeehouse that's open until at least midnight.

The Rego Park Starbucks closes at 10. The one on Austin Street closes at 11. Munch closes even earlier. I'm willing to hop on the subway, but all the little places I know of in Sunnyside or Woodside have similar hours.

Every few months, I do a web search for new places, but it's always a disappointment. Any suggestions? Wireless is nice, but I'd be happy just with a table, an electrical outlet, and a cup of coffee.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Take the N to the Broadway stop in Astoria. Omonia is a good start for sitting and not being disturbed. There are others within walking distance. For late night in Queens, it's either Astoria or Flushing.

    Omonia Cafe
    (718) 274-6650
    3220 Broadway (btw. 32nd and 33rd St.)
    Astoria, NY 11106

    You mentioned Sunnyside, have you tried The Grind? They advertise being open until 11:00 PM - don't know how reliable that is. They've got the coffeehouse thing down, however. It's off the 40th St./Lowery stop on the 7.

    The Grind
    3924 Queens Blvd. (corner of 39th Pl.)
    Sunnyside, NY 11104

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      I'd be surprised if there weren't options closer to home, but if you do want to try Omonia, I think you can get there without switching trains if you don't mind walking a couple more pleasant 24-hour blocks; take the G or R or whatever to the Steinway stop.

      I suppose it depends on how much of a coffee snob you want to be at midnight with a laptop. Before the $4-cup-of-coffee era ushered in by Starbucks and its ilk, New Yorkers wanting to hunker down somewhere for coffee and a makeshift desk went to a diner. Surely Rego Park, Forest Hills et al still have a couple of those. They don't have venti skinny double konacinos, but they do have bottomless cups of drip coffee for $1.40. And french fries.

      Maybe there's also a bar low-key enough on weeknights, too.

    2. Perhaps the Tower Diner in Rego Park? I know it is open until at least midnight. Having had a late night "snack" there a few times, I know it is usually not at all crowded at this hour and I am sure you can "kick back" and punch away at your laptop keys.

      1. Did you check the hours of the Shalimar Diner on Austin and 63rd Drive? I know they have very long hours.

        A longer distance, but open 24 hours, is The Flagship, which is near the Van Wyck stop on the F.

        1. Thanks, all!

          I've never been comfortable writing in diners. Plotting a story, yes, because that's just me, a notepad, and a pen, but opening up the laptop makes me too self-conscious.

          I'll check out Omonia, especially if I don't need to transfer to the N.

          Thanks again. Much appreciated!


            on austin street in forest late, and they have wireless internet..

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            1. re: janie

              Thanks! I used to write there when they were Modus Vivendi and had a halfway-decent tea selection, but the new lounge didn't strike me as sit-for-three-hours-and-concentrate-friendly. I'll walk by again and take another look.

              1. re: noteon

                I don't know if downstairs at the Network Cafe they still have the sofa's and area to hang might want to check them out..on 72nd austin street...