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Dec 31, 2006 01:11 AM

Need a Guide!

I would love to hear some ideas for a real foodie weekend - from high to low - for two food-loving, overworked peeps and parents finally a away for a few days (did I mention ALONE!!!!)...Feel free to add any OT suggestions as well! We will be staying a the Sheraton City Center with no car. Thanks so much!

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  1. Is the Sheraton City Center in Mississauga?

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    1. re: orangewasabi

      It is on Queen Street. Looks to be in the fin/ent district. For sure we need some dim sum, indian, something wtith some Sat PM feel and more! Thanks!

      1. re: fortyweeks

        okay, cool, that's the one at Bay & Queen. You're walking distance from almost everything that would be suggested.

        Just around the corner is Terroni -- good for a mid afternoon lunch of thin crust pizza, pasta and wine or a good coffee.

        If you go to the Queen Mother, have the thai noodle dish with soft noodles sopping in curry sauce. It's their best dish!

        To just hang out, drink wine and catch up with each other, Trevor or Doku 15.

        if you want cheap eats and are walking up Yonge Street (north to Bloor), stop at Ginger 2 (half way between Dundas & College) on the east side or Sinai Sushi (on Grosvenor, one block north of College, on the west side) for an under $10 pick me up.

        I'm kinda thinking we should recommend GOOD food places that deliver, since, do you really want to get out of bed this entire weekend?

    2. Indian: you're in luck. Just a couple of blocks from the Sheraton, just west of University, is Little India, which has, IMO, the best Indian lunch buffet in town. A few doors down is Trimurti, also very popular on Chowhound (I can't believe I still haven't checked it out -- that just speaks to my devotion to Little India). And if you have a bit of time and want a REAL Indian experience, take the College streetcar east, way east, and get off in Little India, on Gerrard between Greenwood and Coxwell. Best bet there: Lahore Tikka House. Just look for the three-story building under construction. The restaurant is open in the portables next door.

      Dim sum: There have been many threads here. Take a look at this one:

      Saturday night: Expensive: Susur, Scaramouche, Chiado, Perigee. Less so: Trevor, Habitat, Kultura. Check out their websites and see which menu appeals.

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      1. re: estragon

        I would add Splendido to the Expensive list of estragon. I like it better than Susur, but that's my personal preference. For Dim Sum, I also agree on Lai Wah Heen as suggested by spades. There are a lot of good dim sum places in Richmond Hall, but if you don't have a car, Lai Wah Heen is probably the best choice around.

        For Sushi, Nami on Adelaide is also a good choice (though quite expensive).

        1. re: kobetobiko

          Totally agree with Lai Wah Heen recommnedation for dim sum.--but it is in the Metropolitan Hotel (unless they recently changed names) - behind City Hall.
          But for Japanese, I would go one block east to Japango (Elizabeth St I think). You'll find many posts on Chowhound about this little gem. Small, not expensive and their signature maki rolls that are as beautiful to look at as they are good to eat.

          Chiado is a great choice for Portuguese food but not as close to your hotel as some other choices. Wonderful whole grilled fish, fresh sardines etc. MMMmmmmm

          A trek to Little India could be fun, but note that many places don't open up until noon, so don't go early.

          You are also close to Kensington Market from your hotel.

      2. For dim sum, I would suggest Lai Wah Heen at the Continental Hotel on Chestnut St. You could probably walk there from your hotel if it's not too cold. For something a little more reasonable, I think Rol San in Chinatown is also a good (and cheaper) bet - on Spadina, a block or so north of Dundas.

        For Indian, Trimurti is just down the street from your hotel and probably your best bet in the downtown core. Queen/Simcoe area.

        For a Saturday PM experience... well, IMHO you can't beat Canoe with the nice views and great food. It will be expensive, but overall it's a great dining experience close to your hotel. It's on the 54th floor of the TD Centre on Wellington St. For more sticker shock but a fun Saturday experience nontheless, there's Perigee in the Distillery district, wich is near King/Parliament. A very cool part of the city.

        Worthy as well are Trevor Kitchen & Bar (Wellington/Church), Kultura (King/Jarvis), and George (Queen/Jarvis). These are all on the pricier side unfortunately, with Trevor being the most reasonable of the group.

        Also, an excellent Japanese restaurant worth checking out in your vincinity is Ematei. On St. Patrick St., just north of Queen. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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        1. re: spades

          Unfortunately, Canoe is closed on Saturdays.

        2. The highs and lows have been pretty well covered. A short walk from your hotel, along Queen West is the Queen Mother Cafe. Mid-priced, eclectic and with good food. If you keep going west to Spadina and then head north, you are in Chinatown with lots of choice (been covered here many times). Depending on your time, the Distillery distict is worth a visit and as a foodie, you would love the St. Lawrence Market on Saturday morning.

          1. When are you visiting Toronto? Winterlicious occurs Jan 26 to Feb 8, 2007 ( with bookings starting Jan 11. Winterlicious and Summerlicious have become semi-annual events in Toronto and feature promotions at a number of restaurants. The great news is many restaurants including many top notch establishments make it very affordable - the not so good news is some of the resturants serve smaller portions. The other not so good news for those willing/wanting to pay full price and order from the regular menu, is the popular restaurants get very busy. It varies by restarant as each restuarant does things a little differently. This Board has many related Winterliciciou/Summerlicious postings.