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Dec 31, 2006 01:09 AM

Kid Friendly "Cocktail" foods?

My 1 year old daughter and I are both sick, so our family won't be going out for NYE anywhere. I thought it might be fun to do a "cocktail party" dinner for DH, myself and our 3 year old. Some fun finger foods, champagne for us and sparkling apple juice for the kiddos.

Does anyone have any easy but nice finger food ideas that an adventurous 3 year old would love? He prefers ethnic foods and spice over bland items (he doesn't like chicken nuggets and hot dogs, but loves a good tofu stirfry!). I was thinking of doing some mini samosas, but also wanted a couple other things to munch on too. Also something fun for dessert too. It would be nice if they could be served at roomp temp so the grownups can snack later on after the kids go to bed too.


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  1. in the past i have cooked for kids who have loved:

    fried wontons with sweet and spicy chili sauce
    coconut shrimp
    mini crab cakes

    1. chicken or pork satay
      spicy hummus with veggies
      quiche or frittatta
      fruit and a dipping sauce (chocolate, creamy or acidic, depending on your taste and the fruit you have)

      1. You could do a fondue type theme....that's always fun!

        1. PB&J or Nutella sandwiches can look very "grown-up" when cut into finger sandwiches. Cutting them with fun shaped cookie cutters can also make them more festive.

          1. Yes, a cheese fondue with bread, veggies and fruit would be great fun. Also the satay is a great idea, or kebobs with dipping sauces - the kids I know just love food on sticks. Although with a three year old I'd cut off the points after threading the meat through. Also, maybe shrimp cocktail? served in a cocktail glass? That's real grown-up food... and you can make the cocktail sauce nice and spicy.

            And aren't you lucky to have such an adventurous young person to feed?