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Best Pizza on North Shore???

For discussion:

Top 3 + 1:

1. Bianchi's-Revere
2. Sebastian's-Gloucester
3. Gallo Nero-Peabody

*Honorable Mention-Little Italy-Beverly

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  1. wow, new places i havent heard of! Where's Gallo Nero?? what kind of pizza do you like? Can you describe these? I am so tired of pizza disappointment.. love to find new ones! Haven't thought of Bianchis for a while but i think i do remember liking there slices..I think Sal's in Gloucester was good if i remember , but didnt try Sebastians.
    Other good ones:
    1. Fauci's in Lynn for Sicilian slices. Prefer them over the whole pizzas there
    2. Calitri's in Danvers. Wish people here would try this place. I usually like my pizza Regina style, floppy and drippy and doughy and this is much different but really really excellent. It is a very thin crispy pizza. The edges are like a very light breadstick in texture. It's addictive and you want to eat the whole crust. The sauce and toppings are great too. Very authentic, i think like i remember in Italy years ago.

    3. Regina's at Polcaris but i always end up thinking it is either too overcooked or not comparing to my memories of Reginas years ago in North end.

    4 Marios in North Reading.. Was a lot like Reginas the first time and we were excited but not as good the second time

    5 Toscana's in Peabody. Another place chowhounds should really try. Nice casual but semi upscale family run place. compimentary after dinner cordials too. excellent home cooked food and loved the pizza, especiall the thin onion slices the first couple times we had it. Closest to Reginas north end but has been a lot of variation in subsequent visits.

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        This is where the "what kind of pizza do you like" plays a factor. Industrial strength pizzanlike Same & Joes just isn't my thing - but it's the real deal for some. Diversity for everyone!

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        Had some great pizza from MArios a few weeks ago. I hosted a bd party for my nephew, and my brother brought the pizza- had pepperoni, white pizza, chicken broccoli and cheese. I always judge by the cheese. It was great- thin crust, greasy top, sauce was good. The pepperoni and white pizzas were great, too. The chi;cken broccoli (alfredo) was all gone long before I was able to try it!
        Used to get Mario's pizza years ago, then stopped as they were not as good. I think they are back to their old form.

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          I typically like Italian style pizza with a thin crust and a sauce on the sweet side. Gallo Nero is in Peabody Square on Main St. I would desribe it as Reginaesque, but not as doughy. Sebastians and Little Italy are on the thicker side, Little Italy has a very unique sweet sauce. My wife pointed out I did not add one of my other true favorites, Caruso's in Melrose, where the zazza pizza reigns sumpreme. I went to Calitris a couple of weeks ago and thought it was good, but the cheese was a little oily fo my taste. Reminded me of Sam and Joe's in Dancers and Monte's in Lynn. I'll have to try Toscana's and Mario's. I used to frequent where Toscana when it was Antonelli's.

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            chompie- will have to try the zazza pizza at Caruso;s. Have been there numerous times- like their food, and their pizza, but have never tried the zazza. Love their eggplant parm subs,too.

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            Stay away from Marios,they are not good. Can't even get a sub order right. I live next door and have had enough

          3. Little Italy is a shell of what it once was. Yeah, if you like entering a restaurant where all the employees are drunk, and are more intrested in staring you down than being friendly, then you found your place for badly done pizza. Luigis on Rantoul street in Beverly is run by the former owners (family) of Little Italy, and thier pizza is as good as it was years ago. By far the best Pizza on the North Shore. No web site, but phone is 978 922 2828. Yes Mama still works there. Shes a bit older now, but still makes you laugh with the "old school" Italian attitude. God bless you Mama,

            1. Prinzi's in Beverly is often overlooked - thin crust, good sauce - feeds the need.

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                sorry you didnt like calitiri's that much. I happen to like oil on pizza. We tried Gallo Nero and actually didnt like it at all. I guess diffierent tastes is what makes the world interesting! and actually the last two times i went to Calitris i am sorry to say that i was disappointed. The crust was hard instead of melt in your mouth crispy.. Since my last post here, I have found two pizzas that I highly recommend. One is not really that North Shore but is north of boston. Flatbread Company in Bedford. You go to the Burlington Mall exit and just go past the mall about a couple miles. It is the best pizza I have had since original Reginas years ago. There is a post here called "King of Pizzas' You can read my description there. Basically its a wood burning clay oven, very very thin and drippy in the middle and bubbly and doughy fresh bread on the outside. with cauldron cooked sauce and organic ingredients. Its very very craveable. Also a great new addition to Middleton, just past Richardsons, is Sals, a chain from Merrimac and New Hampshire. They make a 3 lb, 19" pizza for about 10 bucks. Its really good crust, good quality cheese, standard oregano flavored sauce, and a great deal with very nice taste and texture. Sal's is a welcome treat. Flatbreads is a wonder.

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                  Coincidentally, I went to Little Italy for the first (and only time) on Friday night, and the pizza was disgusting. It was weirdly sweet, like it was made with Sweet n Lo.

                  1. Riverview Pizza in Ipswich
                  2. LaRosa's in Gloucester

                  1. re: resipsaloquitor

                    Bianchi's in Revere
                    Brown jug in Chelsea

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                      Time for a new listing on this board. Just tried Anna's Pizzeria on 400 Highland ave, Rt 107. Salem at former site of Big Peters. Owner is from Southern Italy and puts out a nice fresh thin crust pie with very fresh ingredients. As far as the old posts, Montes in Lynn has tremendous atmosphere but in my opinion a very average pizza. Riverview in Ipswich and Bianchi's in Revere get the thumbs up from me but there is no place to eat inside at Bianchi's. It's much nicer to get a pie hot out of the oven and eat it where it's prepared. And last but not least, Romano's in Marblehead never disappoints this chowhound.

                      1. re: StevefromMarblehead

                        Still looking for a decent pie on Cape Ann since La Rosa's changed its recipe. Had a pizza at Espresso's last week and it was OK but flavorless.

                        1. re: StevefromMarblehead

                          I have to disagree about Monte's. I grew up in Lynn and this was and still is a popular pizza, especially if you favor the thin crust style. The days are long gone now but their mantra used to be..."Monte's Monte's by the sea, buy 2 pizzas, get one free."

                2. Since this thread is over 3 years old and now revived, I guess I'll add:

                  1. Santapio's - E. Boston
                  2. Angela's - Saugus
                  3. Pisa Pizza - Malden

                  1. J & M Italian - 340 Central St. Saugus
                    Oreganos - Newburyport

                    Do not like Sebastians - too sweet, dough too thick

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                      The potato skin pizza at J & M is unbelieveable. Try it if you haven't already.

                      1. re: hhookk

                        Just had J & M today...OMG as great as ever.

                        1. re: ipsofatso

                          1. Santarpios
                          2. Cristy's Pizza Salisbury Beach
                          3. Riverview Ipswich
                          4. Antico Forno North End

                          Antico Forno
                          93 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

                          Cristy's Pizza
                          13 Broadway, Salisbury, MA 01952

                          1. re: JustinKnowsFood

                            Had a fantastic lunch at Antico Forno.

                            Antico Forno
                            93 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

                    2. LaRosa's of Gloucester. Homemade Italian Family Friendly.
                      Reasonable prices and generous portions. Pizza or Lasagne just simply the best.
                      Check it out. You will not be disappointed. Wine/Beer also served.

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                      1. re: 8dcbelle

                        That used to be true but after it changed hands, it became really disappointing. I'm looking forward to the new pizza place where Elliott's at the Blackburn was, Giuseppe's. Why is all the pizza in Gloucester sweet?

                        1. re: resipsaloquitor

                          The Blackburn is now Guiseppe's? who knew?

                          The sweet pizza may be a Portuguese thing; they add sugar to flour, tomato sauces, salads, etc. Just a guess the pizza places in GLO are not really 'Italian".

                          1. re: resipsaloquitor

                            I had pizza at the new Giuseppe's this weekend and thougth it was very good. It would have been "really, really" good if it was not over cooked. The sauce flavor was not sweet, and it had a nice crust. They just barely opened -- don't even have their full menu yet -- and just that one overcharred pie is not enough to go on. Definetely will be trying it again soon.

                            I like Riverview in Ipswich and for Glosta we've been going to LaRosa but it usually is undercooked, especially when we get it on Thursday. If we get LaRosa on Friday it is better -- but by no means my favorite.

                            I like Flatbread in Amsbury and Bedford very much.

                            I also like the pizza at SOMA restaurant in Beverley but don't get there that much (have not been in the past 10 months).

                        2. I had an excellent slice at Dom's Trattoria in Beverly Farms, best I've had in Beverly in 19 years, despite the crunchy crust, which isn't my favorite. (Give me a thin crust, but one that tastes like a baguette.)

                          My vote for absolute best still goes to Santarpio's, but I have *lots* more research to do ;->

                          Has anyone tried Angela's Coal Fired Pizza on Rte. 1 in Saugus?

                          Angela's Coal Fired Pizza
                          890 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

                          Dom's Trattoria
                          1 West St, Beverly, MA 01915

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                          1. re: chowfox

                            Yes, I have tried Angela's and it was very good. Very crunchy crust though.

                            1. re: mcel215

                              Finally made it to Angela's the other day. I'm a coal-fired pizza fan, love both Regina's and Santarpio's, but this wasn't what I was hoping for. Sauce and cheese were decent enough; it was the crust that disappointed. Instead of the random, uneven charring and blistering you get with a Regina's pie, this crust was dry, with just an overall light blackening, and slightly-burnt was the only flavor. I'll go back, but won't go out of my way.

                              1. re: chowfox

                                The crust I got on my pizza was very charred and blistered. Hmmm, perhaps I lucked out. I haven't been back either, stick mostly to homemade now.

                          2. Nickey's Pizza near Wyoma Square for traditional and Monte's on Eastern Ave a few blocks from the beach for Bar-Style.

                            in both joints the standard pizza rules apply- one topping, well done.

                            Nickey's Pizza
                            64 Lynnfield St, Lynn, MA 01904

                            1. Louies Pizza on Main St. in Woburn

                              1. I had pizza from Delaney's in Gloucester last night for the first time in a long time and it was really quite good. Reminded me of Riverview and I didn't know you could fit so much pepperoni on a pizza. The sauce was not sweet, the crust was crispy and just enough cheese. Thumb's up.

                                1. I am a simple man and I like simple pizza. To me, Regina is too busy, too bubbly, too crusty. Deep dish pizza isn't even pizza and square slices are a waste of my time. I want a big, round, thin cheese pizza that flops over at the tip and drips oil when you fold it. The best pizza places, in my opinion, on the North Shore are the Corner Deli in Melrose, Rocco's in Danvers and Sam and Joe's in Danvers. I feel like these are real slices. I've also had some good ones in Gloucester and Ipswich but I can't remember their names which means I haven't been there enough and they don't deserve mention. Monte's in Lynn is OK. The best pizza I've had anywhere is on a street corner in New York City. You need a heart transplant after you eat it. Awesome.

                                  Corner Deli
                                  45 W Wyoming Ave, Melrose, MA 02176

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                                  1. re: djayviciousness

                                    New owners at the Corner Deli, but the pizza is as good as ever.

                                  2. If you havn't had this Pizza yet, you havn't had the best around.Top 3
                                    621Grille Malden
                                    Bianchis Revere Beach
                                    Santarpios East Boston

                                    1. Virgilio's in Gloucester makes a great pie, I will be up there friday eating a slice and watching the slippery pole contest. Damici's bakery on Eastern Ave in Lynn is a close second. Joe's Pizza in Beverly is always good if you can find it open! If not, Little Italy is always a treat.

                                      Joe's Pizza
                                      507 Rantoul St, Beverly, MA 01915

                                      Little Italy
                                      294 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915

                                      1. Santarpio's in Peabody
                                        Teresa's in Middleton

                                        1. Since this old thread has been revived, I'll add my favorite (although I haven't been recently since I don't live there or nearby anymore): Vinnie's Pizza, right next to the Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant in Malden (or a couple of doors down). Italian family owned local pizza joint, tiny place. My kids are grown now - they used to go there when they were little - in fact, my youngest now tells me she'd bring our dog (my old guy whose since passed) in & Dom would feed him, too, lol. All the years I bought pizza there, I only bought my standard - plain cheese, really good, IMO. Sauce not icky sweet, (same for the dough), cooked just the right amt of time, good chew in the crust.

                                          Just don't tell me they're not there anymore. I'll cry!

                                          Vinnie's Pizza
                                          198 Salem St, Malden, MA 02148

                                          Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant
                                          188 Salem St, Malden, MA 02148

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                                          1. re: threedogs

                                            Santarpio's in Peabody should be a different thread, i.e., worst pizza on north shore. I live in Peabody and haven't talked to anyone who likes their pizza from the Peabody store. JMO

                                            1. re: marilu

                                              Agree, went a couple of times, total swill.

                                          2. Okay...so to revive this very old thread...(does anyone really want a brand new tread again?) The wife and I found White Dove near Salem State in Salem. this is the closest thing we've been able to find to the elusive, quality version of "NY Style" pizza. crust was a little undercooked so next time I'll be sure to ask for 'well done' but it was really very good quality pizza.

                                            I'm just happy I can stop searching...oy

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                                              White Dove does a pretty good falafel sandwich as well!