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Dec 31, 2006 12:29 AM

Good-real breakfast on the west side.

I am in search of some good, meaty, filling breakfasts; chicken fried steak, meat omletes etc. Who has an idea where I can find them? I am not talking about healthy alternatives, just the real thing...I know westwood country cafe has a great skillet, but they have a very limited menu. Please help.

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  1. 26 Beach Restaurant in Venice. Definitely filling breakfasts.

    Someone will undoubtedly mention Pann's because you mentioned chicken fried steak(I was somewhat disappointed in their CFS).

    1. I know I'll hate myself in the morning when there is yet another party on the list in front of me being seated, but your answer is the S & W Country Cafe on Washington in downtown Culver City. Great generous breakfasts, good service, and cooks who know how to cook eggs to order and make hash browns crispy. What you want is their homemade corned beef hash (they also offer a canned option) served with eggs and a choice of sides -- go for the pancakes. I had a sausage, bacon and cheese omelette the other day that had good smoky chunks of meat in every bite. One warning -- their "biscuits" are soft squares cut from a loaf. They serve breakfast and lunch items at all hours, I believe, and I'll bet their meatloaf is good. Prices are good, cash only, and they take a couple bucks off the omelette prices on weekdays between 7-8 and 10-11.

      Note -- 26 Beach is gonna cost you at least twice as much out the door as S & W.

      1. I just went to Snug Harbor yesterday. Wilshire between 23rd and 24th, two doors down from Bread and Porridge and one block east of the Whole Foods.

        We had a tuna melt, a meatloaf melt, and a caesar salad (don't ask me why, she was being healthy-ish). The menu is pretty extensive: all kinds of omlets, big fluffy pancakes, mountains of breakfast potatoes on the grill, sandwiches, burgers, curly fries, etc. Didn't notice chicken fried steak, though.

        Also had a good banana malt, but liked my chocolate cake shake last time better. I guess they only have chocolate cake shakes when they have leftover cake.

        1. Alright, I suspect it may get me in trouble with some people, but I really love the breakfasts at John O'Groats by the Fox lot. No CFS, but great, hearty, well-executed breakfast fare.

          1. We love Jinky's on Second street between Broadway and Santa Monica. They have everything, and it's all delicious. Great ambience too.