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Dill - wonder herb.

Ever since I had a Greek green salad (romaine lettuce, scallions, dill all chopped up really small with lemon juice, olive oil and feta cheese) I have been adding dill to just about everything from lentil soup to omelettes to potato salad to cold borscht - I even slip it between the bread and cheddar on my grilled cheese sandwiches - any other suggestions for this wonder herb?

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  1. A little goes well with chicken soup.

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      To add to the chicken soup suggestion, the Greek avgolemono chicken soup, classic chicken rice soup with beaten egg and lemon juice added before serving, is delicious with fresh dill.

    2. Dill is one of my favorites as well. It's great in a lemon vinegrette, in tuna salad, w/ plain yogurt on top of poached salmon, in omelettes w/ cream cheese & crab, on roasted potatoes....yum, yum, yum!

      1. When boiling new potatoes to go with fish, I often follow the Swedish practice of adding a few stems to the boiling water; not only does it impart a subtle flavour to the spuds, it fills your kitchen with a wonderfully fresh scent.

        The snipped fronds make a fine garnish to just about any simply prepared fish.

        And a sauce from Patricia Wells: olive oil, lemon juice, blanched green olives, capers and snipped dill fronts heated until warm. She serves it on steamed salmon but it's really quite versatile.

        1. funny, i recently had a similar experience and was suprised how well it worked in lentil soup. dill is called for in recipes from the mediterranean to eastern europe and the middle east. there is a great cookbook "Vegetarian Cooking from the Middle East" which uses dill in all kinds of ways - recipes that happen to involve vegetables and legumes btw, not new vegetarian.

          Also, I like to make mushrooms w/butter and dill. portabella mushrooms work well. or my grandmother's recipe of chicken thighs,seared, then baked in a mushroom, cream, and dill sauce. heavy but delicious.

          1. Dill is awesome - you can really get creative with it. The only thing that I would say is to not add it too early in the cooking process as to not diminish the taste too much.

            My favourite way to use it is in cucumber salad. All you need for this is a cucumber, sour creme, salt, pepper, and fresh dill. Take an english cucumber, peel it, and slice into thin slices. Mix the cucumber slices thoroughly with salt in a bowl and let stand in the fridge for an hour to let the water out of the cucumber. Drain the water, add sour creme, fresh chopped dill, pepper, and a little salt (if it needs it... probably not). This salad goes well with many dishes, including spicy curries.

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              I do basically the same thing as the cucumber salad recipe above, but with hearts of palm instead of cucumber. Really excellent. When I'm going for a lower fat alternative, I use plain yogurt instead of the sour cream.

            2. I love dill too, and everytime I make a shrimp curry, as a side I make steamed carrots with dill. YUM! And they're healty too!

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                Dill is a key ingredient in my spanakopita. As others have said it is also great in chicken soup, cucumber salad, on potatoes, etc. I love to make dilly bread for sandwiches or breakfast toast.

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                  I make shrimp salad with some mayo, sour cream, chopped celery, fresh dill, a little salt & pepper. Toss with cooked shrimp, let sit a few hours in the fridge.

                  Same with potato salad in the summer.

                  I make salad dressing with heavy cream, lemon juice, dill, salt and pepper.

                  Dill is my favorite herb. Fish, chicken, potatoes are great pairings with dill.

              2. I really like a heavy shot of dill added to the cliche Onion Soup Mix-cream cheese dip. A squirt of vermouth is nice, too.


                1. Dill and butter on popcorn is wonderful. Add some brewers yeast if you want to go all out.

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                    ABSOLUTELY agree about the popcorn. I also like dill on scrambled eggs and on any lamb dish.

                  2. Next time you make cheesecake add a generous spoonful of dill for a savory "cheese pate" with crackers or warmed flatbread.


                    Quick dill butter: Add 1/4 cup minced fresh dill weed to 1/2 cup softened butter. I keep a batch on hand for all recipes (eggs, bread, fish).

                    1. i like dill in my creamy potato leek soup.

                      1. My nearby Russian deli garnishes their vareniki, golubtsi and pelmeni with a mixture of equal parts fresh leaf parsley and dill. And a dollop of sour cream...

                        1. In egg, tuna or salmon salad, makes my lunch sandwich something special!

                          1. my dislike for dill is unmatched by any other i can think of on such short notice. i will avoid dishes with dill like the plague.
                            and while i haven't met many people outside of my immediate family that have the same distaste for dill, i am surprised by the number of posters that love it. I thought it would be more of a flavor that others found neutral.

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                              Definitely not neutral, quite distinct in fact.

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                                sorry, perhaps i worded that incorrectly. i don't find the flavor neutral but i think i would have thought people's reaction to it being neutral. i haven't met that many people that dislike it as much as i do so i always thought it just didn't generate much reaction in general. hence, my surprise at the praises it has received in this thread.

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                                Oh My- Quite the Contrary I LOVE Dill. I put it in everything- especially chicken, tuna or egg salad. Sour Cream and dill on latkes made my chanukah complete. That cucumber salad sounds amazing- can't wait to try it!

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                                  I really am intrigued by the passion people have for dill. I am also glad to know that my removal of dill from all dishes i will eat does not really make a dent in the dill market. so there's not a dill farmer out there somewhere being adversely affected by my boycott.

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                                    I have the same very negative reaction to dill. I use it under suffrance, when I think a recipe has to have it, but I'm always stuck with leftover dill. I can't think of any other herb which I dislike as much. I wonder if there are cultural differences? I think of dill as a North European flavor (Scandinavia, Russia). Perhaps people who love dill grew up with these cuisines?

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                                      in my opinion, no recipe "has to have dill" i would sooner make a different dish than bring dill across my threshold.
                                      certainly comforting to know that i am not alone.

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                                        I didn't grow up with it and I love it. I do think it is a distinct strong flavour so I totally understand why some people would dislike it so. Do you like cilantro?

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                                            I love cilantro, use it in big bunches in Thai and Indian dishes. I grew up eating lots of it in Asian cooking.

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                                          I think it's very interesting that you say it's neutral- if anything, I think it can be overpowering!

                                    2. i love dill when it's in an aluminum packet filled with salmon and lemon slices and cooked on the bbq.

                                      1. I use tons of dill in my spanikopita. Also, I make a greet dish for Easter that has peas, onions, olive oil, and lots of dill.