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Dec 30, 2006 11:38 PM

Last hourays in LA

I am leaving Los Angeles at the end of next week to live on the other side of the country and am looking for suggestions of places you could recommend before I go. Places that I can't find anywhere else, experiences I may not have on the other coast. Any suggestions?

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  1. double dip sandwich @ Phillipe's

    1. Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley, Mexican food practically anywhere, especially Babita in San Gabriel and La Serenata de Garibaldi in Boyle Heights. Fish tacos at Baja Ensenada in ELA.
      I'm going to Babita tonight.

      1. Dim sum in the SGV: or 888 or Sea Food Harbour in Rosemead, NBC in Monterey Park, etc.

        1. Chinese. Mexican. Japanese. Korean. Thai. Persian. Armenian. Burgers.

          1. Having made this move once myself, hands down, it's Mexican food. There is amazingly bad food out there masquerading as "Mexican." (pre-made guacamole in packets, American cheese, salsa that's barely more than tomato sauce.) In addition to the just plain bad Mexican restaurants, there's the bait and switch problem that I've mentioned on this board before. A lot of places back east that claim to be Mexican, are actually Salvadoran. THEY'RE NOT THE SAME! Salvadoran food is good, but it's like going to an Italian restaurant, and discovering it's really Spanish food made to approximate Italian.

            Depending on where you move, Chinese, Middle Eastern and Thai aren't as hard to find. I've never been to a city in the U-S that doesn't have a good burger. Mexican was the only thing that I truly craved, and the first thing I ate whenever I visited California. Good luck!