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Dec 30, 2006 11:01 PM

Soul Food After FAME Church

Where would anyone suggest eating a great soul food lunch after a morning at the FAME Church in West Adams? There will be a group of 7 of us. Thanks.

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  1. A number of places on or near Crenshaw between Adams and Jefferson have been noted on this board. For straight soul food I believe Chef Marilyn's Kitchen, on the east side of Crenshaw about a half block south of Adams, is a favorite, though I'm not sure if it's the 99 cents a plate feature that's the main drawing card. Most of the other favorite places on that part of Crenshaw are BBQ places, including Phillips, across the street from Marilyn's, Tasty Q, on the west side of Crenshaw between Jefferson & Adams (known for their turkey), and the brand new Country Brothers, at the SW corner of Crenshaw and Jefferson, which just took over the old Stevie's on the Strip space. And if you go a half block west on Jefferson from Country Brothers, there's the Cobbler Kitchen, which has also been mentioned a number of times on this board.

    1. The only thing about Chef Marilyn's is that it is strictly to go. No area to dine. But the food is mighty good, especially on a Sunday.

      1. Try Aunt rosa lees on Western Between Adams & Jefferson They are SLOW SLOW SLOW But the Food is Worth it.....Aunt Rosa Lees 1-323-733-8586 ENJOY!