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Breakfast in Pasadena?

Am looking for a breakfasty type place before the Rose Bowl, I just learned Marston's is closed on Mondays. Any suggestions? Would like someplace in the Fair Oaks /Walnut Steets areas.

Thanks mucho!

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  1. You do realize that traffic and parking are going to be brutal in Pasadena before, during and after the parade and game on Monday don't you? If you are coming in from east of Pasadena, you might consider LeRoy's on Huntington Drive in Monrovia.

    1. No, you really, really do not want to be anywhere even a little bit close to Old Town! Fox's up on Lake in Altadena I *THINK* is open on Mondays, and is not likely to swamped with Foreign Devils. It's really popular with the locals (especially the ancient ones), though, so it can get crowded. They do a very nice bunch of breakfast stuff, if a tad genteel for my taste (think itty bitty muffins, both twee and delicious). Flapjacks and oatmeal and egg things. Just north of Mendocino on your right.

      My favorite is The Reyn, on the west side of Lake down btween Villa and Orange Grove. More of a coffee shop than a Destination, but that's my style. Nice messy breakfast platters. And Tonny's, just a left turn off Lake onto O. Grove (w/parking behind), has both 'Merkin and Mexican breakfasts, all delightful so far (after three brunch visits) and very cheap, though small, crowded, and loud when someone's playing the jukebox...

      1. There's also The Spot (used to be Vintage Cafe) on Lincoln and Montanan. Good Creole type breakfast joint. Sometimes has jazz playing for breakfast too. I don't know if they will be open however.

        1. I agree that Old Town will be a pain. If you're mobile, I like Fox's, too. Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles is the way toward Foxes -- if you haven't been, it's worth the experience.

          Or, if you're up for a 15-minute excursion, there's The Only Place in Town over in Sierra Madre (Sierra Madre Blvd, about 3 blocks west of Baldwin). Their potatoes could be better, but overall they're very good -- lots of interesting stuff and lots of plain old hearty fare. Very kid friendly, which is why it's the only place I get to much with a 1-year old.

          As a general note -- I've found breakfast joints around Pasadena pretty disappointing overall. Several are ok, but there aren't many that knock your socks off -- that I've found, anyway.

          1. But, if you're really in the mood to fight crowds and parking, which I totally advise against, too, there's that new place Central Park on Fair Oaks, on the other side of Colorado. And Cafe Bizou has a fair breakfast, but right in Old Town, so it might be difficult to get to.

            And I agree on the assesment about Pasadena breakfasts in general; so boring. We always go to Marston's if we want breakfast, and it does the trick, though isn't perfect.

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              We're past the deadline on the original poster's needs, but --

              I'd like to throw in an honorable mention for Weekend Brunch at Firefly in South Pasadena. The whole place is "outdoors" in a giant pavillion, with heaters & so on of course.

              They have a very upscale/nouveau cuisine menu -- which I love (I used to own a couple of restaurants with exactly their kind of food -- and brunch is one of best places to have fun with a menu: you get all the yummy satisfaction of comfort foods, but you can throw in fresh flavors & twists and make some really great dishes). It's not cheap -- brunch entrees run around $10-14 -- but the food is first-rate.

              Firefly Bistro
              1009 El Centro Street
              South Pasadena, CA 91030
              (626) 441-2443

              -- Jim

            2. Go a bit south on Fair Oaks and about 2 miles from Old Town and try MIKE AND ANNE'S (http://mikeandannes.com/ ).

              Or for something more casual, go a bit east on Colorado and try PIE 'N BURGER (http://pienburger.com/ ). Expect crowds.

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                Colorado will be closed to all traffic after midnight tonight; Pie and Burger is not on Colorado, it is just off of Lake on California.

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                  Although they do make their own bread and steam their own potatoes for their hash browns, I was disappointed in the cheese omelet I ordered. It was made with processed American cheese, yuck. If you are going to Pie N Burger, I'd suggest sticking to pies and burgers :)

                2. If you can handle Old Town, the breakfast at Cafe Atlantic is one of the best things about Pasadena. They've got interesting Cuban and American dishes....lots of variety......quality food....nice environment. Good place for a long, lazy breakfast.

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                    It's my understanding that after Cafe Atlantic got moved into the back room of Xiomara that it's not too nice for anything anymore. If that's true, it's too bad, because their old space was a friendly and inviting one.

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                      Service has definitely suffered; food is still about the same.

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                        I think the new space is actually a little nicer. The service never was what you get at, say, Houston's.

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                          I dropped in to Cafe Atlantic for lunch one day, and it outright scared me. It was so dark and dingy, no one was there; the chef was out at the bar reading the paper. Got a couple of sandwiches to go, and they weren't the same.
                          Here was my original post about that day

                          I used to frequent Cafe Atlantic for breakfast lunch and dinner, and I loved it. The service was usually friendly, the kitchen a little slow, but the food was always great. Yucca fries, that jamon and manchengo sandwich on potato dill bread, the roast pork was divine.

                    2. Since we're still posting well after the event, I have to add one for future browsers - assuming food is everything and atmosphere is irrelevant:

                      Lucky Boy on the Arroyo south of California. Get the Breakfast Burrito, take it out to Colo. Blvd. (or at other times of year the park across from the train station) and live it up. For a gourmet experience get a cardboard container of Caffe Verona from Starbuck's to go with it.