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Dec 30, 2006 10:50 PM

Dining on 6th street in Austin?

Are there any good restaurants on or within walking distance of the driskill hotel? We are staying there next week and would like to enjoy some wine with dinner so we don't want to worry about driving. We are willing to take a cheap/short cab ride as well.

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  1. How about the Driskill Grill inside your hotel!

    Less than five blocks away is Casino El Camino (burgers).

    1. The Driskill Hotel at 6th and Congress is considered the center of Austin. There are 150 restaurants within walking distance of the Driskill. The staff at the hotel will recommend a good place, tell them what cuisine and how much you want to spend.

      (The Driskill Grille, itself, is considered one of the best dining places in Austin.)

      1. Well, not knowing what kind of food you are looking for, here are a few suggestions...I like Thai Passion at 7th and Congress. Louie's 106 - can't vouch for the main menu, but the tapas are usually pretty good. Check this board for pros and cons of The Roaring Fork (also 7th & Congress) - my two cents: the bar menu is inexpensive and usually good, and the bar is a pleasant place to hang out.

        1. Mekong River is great for Vietnamese and Thai at a good price. Check it out.

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            I'm going to have to disagree with Mekong River. I work at 6th and Congress and have eaten there many times, unfortunately. Their Pho is completely souless, a very plain and non-aromatic broth. The vermicelli dishes are just OK and the Pad Thai is just plain bad. They also don't have a liquor liscense. I do like the main menu at Louie's 106, except the riosotto, which is just not well executed. The Roaring Fork is pretty good for Southwestern Cuisine, and Kenichi has some really good sushi and other, inventive Japanese items. Chez Nous is a pretty good bistro near the Driskill, although the Salad Lyonaise has belll pepper strips instead of lardons, which really bugs me. One other warning: Dan McKlusky's is not a good steakhouse.

            1. re: Greg Spence

              I'll go ahead and disagree with the disagreer, but on a different set of subjects: Kenichi and the Lyonnaise at Chez Nous.

              First, Kenichi is overpriced and mediocre. You might see some celebs there, though -- if that sort of thing thrills you, Kenichi ahoy!

              Second, Chez Nous is great, and the Lyonnaise is one of the best values in Austin. The only trick is to special-request that they add bacon; this will ratchet the deliciousness up by at least two Deliciousness Units(tm). Just because it doesn't come with lardon (basically, bacon) as a default doesn't mean you can't ask for it. (For the record, I did this as recently as last Thursday, so I know they still permit it.)

              1. re: tom in austin

                The last time I asked for lardon at Chez Nous, they said they didn't have any. This was about six months ago. I haven't ordered the Salad Lyonaise since.

          2. I eat quite often at Chez Nous which is about a three block walk. It's on Netchez, if memory serves, about a half block south of 6th Street.

            Very nice, but casual French place. Been there from about 26 years or so, and I've been eating there all of those years. Small, but nice wine list. Food is much better than you would expect. Really quite good. One of my favorite restaurants in all of Austin.

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            1. re: Mike C. Miller

              Seconded! Chez Nous is a jam. Go there and enjoy an Austin classic.