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Dec 30, 2006 10:41 PM

Beverly Hills vs Silver Lake for cheese?

Having read various opinions about both BH and SL cheese stores, I am wondering which one you prefer/would recommend in terms of service (advice, samples etc), selection, and price (though I am not expecting a deal anywhere in LA). My boyfriend and I are heading into LA tomorrow and want to pick up some good cheese. We like pretty much everything and are looking for 5 or 6 types for a New Year's cheese plate.

So where should we go?

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  1. To me there is no compare. Althought the folks at Silverlake are nice and they have a decent selection of stuff. The BH has much more variety and even more knowledgeable staff. Regardless of distance, I would choose BH over SL any day... that is unless P. has cravings for Coffee Milk... ;)


    1. I was just at BH and it was insane. So busy. I pulled number 19 (they were on number 2). A solid half hour later (probably closer to 45 min), they got to me. Service was great, not rushed at all. Just be prepared for a huge line if you go tomorrow -- they said it's been this way all through the holidays.

      1. ughhhhh not open tomorrow!

        So I guess it's Silver Lake for me. Any recommendations or favorites from there?

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          It's not just the holidays. Beverly Hills Cheese is a zoo every Saturday. (They are not open on Sundays). Don't go on Saturday unless you like crowds and waiting.

          Also, don't buy wine there unless you like paying insane markups. I made the mistake of doing that once and then found the same wine at a wine shop for something like half what I paid for it at Beverly Hills Cheese.

          They do have an amazing goat cheese butter (from Canada I believe) at Beverly Hills cheese that I have never seen anywhere else. The butter is in a self-serve case in the back with the yogurt. However, even if you self-serve, you have to wait forever to be rung up.

          Never been to Beverly Hills Cheese during the week. I would think it might be less crowded.

          1. re: omotosando

            I've been on Fridays and it's fine. I've also been there on other Saturdays and have never seen anything like this. It was insane. Felt like I was at Bay Cities deli waiting in the crazy sandwich line. Agree re the wine -- you can find much better prices elsewhere.

            1. re: omotosando

              I wouldn't judge them by the lines during the holidays. (That said, I was there this Sunday and waited for two minutes before someone helped me.) Most Saturdays during the year, you might wait 5 minutes before someone helps you. And that's fine with me because I need some time to get the lay of the land before I start making decisions. Even if lines are long, the service is never rushed and they are exceedingly helpful.

            2. re: missholmes

              Bev Hills Cheese store was open on Sunday/Dec 24th, opened at noon. my husband arrived at noon and already a dozen of people waiting. So call and check, possibly they will be open tomorrow...good luck!

            3. For what it's worth, bh has a very very wide selection of cheeses. They are expensive, but they have the unusual stuff. If you know what you want, and it's not that unusual, i'd call around for other places just for the price differential.

              for exploring, bite the bullet and go.

              1. Obviously I am in Silverlake ... but Beverly Hills wins for selection hands down.

                I hope that changes sometime ... but just the demographics between the two neighborhoods doesn't bode well for SL surpassing BH anytime in the foreseeable future.