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Dec 30, 2006 10:14 PM

The Roosevelt Tavern


We went last nite to the Roosevelt Tavern - its Matt from Matt's Big Breakfast's new spot. Its located at 816 N 3rd Street, which is across from Holga's at McKinley.

Its an adorable restored house with parking in the back. The living room in the front has a fire place, a table and chairs, and a couple of bar stools using floating shelves for a table. the bar is kind of small, but has a TON of beer on tap. The beer is amazingly cold, and we had the house draft at 4.50 a pint, which I found out was brewed by 4 Peaks. It's sort of lager-like *sorry, not normally a beer drinker but I wanted to try*. The wine list was extensive, altho I don't recall seeing anything bubbly. I'm a fan of prosecco ;)

Each other room has a variety of tables or couches or high barstools, and the back room has a long wooden table, which I assume would be able to be reserved for events.

For nibbling, we had the cheese plate, which had an aged vermont cheddar, a nice bleu, and my fav - humboldt fog. I think it was around 10? Nice dark bread served warm with the plate. They have a couple of sandwhiches on the menu, and will be adding more food as they go on.

I loved it, altho I admit I was a little sad, since its probably the last time we'll ever get the big pretty table in the back ;). I know its going to be a huge hit, and on its 3rd nite open, it was already full. Not packed, but full. I love Matts, but can hardly get in for breakfast any more. I fear this will go the same way. ;) I'll be back.

They are open from 6-2 right now, altho I don't know if those hours will change as they go forward.

Parking is limited in the back, or on the street/side streets.

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  1. You might get some responses if you decided to fill us in on in what city the Roosevelt Tavern is located.

    1. people in phoenix all know Matts and the Roosevelt.

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      1. re: hzp

        Last time I looked, this board is labeled "Southwest." Not Phoenix.

      2. The Roosevelt is a new one to me. It just opened right?

        Welcome to the board Winedubar. Maybe I can state it in a more gentile manner: The SW board spans AZ, NV, NM, and CO. If there is a restaurant you'd like to discuss, just put "PHX" or "Tucson" or whatever city it happens to be in before the restaurant name. That will alert everyone on its location.

        But thanks for the heads up. I believe I've walked by Roosevelt Tavern before it was open during First Friday - or maybe that's another spot. I'll have to find out.

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          oops - sorry i didn't think of saying phoenix :D its in central phoenix, pretty much downtown :)

        2. I cannot wait to try this place. More of what downtown Phoenix needs.

          Is there a website yet? I haven't been able to find one.

          1. It's great to hear about another late night option. This site is the BEST! (And, now I know exactly how it :) ) Thanks for the heads up...I have lots of friends and family showing up this month and next...hopefully we can expereince the "big table"!