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Hard-to-find rum

I picked up my guy a book on Tiki cocktails for Christmas, and now he's on a hunt for Demerara rum (Lemon Hart or El Dorado brand). We've tried Marty's and Kappy's and Mall Discount liquors (Alewife) and some smaller stores with no luck. Anyone know of a source?

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  1. I have not seen a large selection of rums at any store, but if you asked around Inman Sq. a bit, you may be able to track down a source. Ask a bartender at ECG, and some of the carribean stores in the area.

    1. Go talk to Dylan at Green Street in Cambridge... he is a big rum man. If not Dylan, try Jackson at Eastern Standard, John at No. 9, or Misty/Dave at the B Side.

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        Great idea! If you do talk to a restaurant, ask them for the name of the local distributor. I always do that and then, Bauer Wine on Newbury will try to order it for us.

      2. I seem to recall Martignetti's having a good selection of rums, especially the Brighton location, but even at the little one in the North End. Can't remember seeing Demerara, though.

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          I checked out Martignetti's recently (based on other posts here) and was not very impressed with the rum selection - they did have Zaya and Ron Zacapa, two of my favorites, but only the 15-year-old of the latter (rather than the 23 year old, which was sublime). Otherwise it was not too exciting.

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            Martignetti's is pretty good for beer, excellent for wine, just okay for spirits. Blanchard's in Allston is pretty strong in all three. Marty's in Allston is great for wine, relatively solid but not outstanding for spirits and surprisingly crap for beer. Brookline Liquor Mart at Comm Ave and Allston St is very good for wine and useless for anything else. Mall Discount Liquors on Harvard in Brookline is only any good if you're an underage college student with a fake ID.

        2. Doesn't look like they have a US distributor according to their website:


          1. The new bar at the Intercontinental Hotel downtown is a Rum bar, you can give them a calll to see if they have it.

            1. Go to Demerara's web site, www.demrum.com, and you can find info on ordering El Dorardo 12, 15 or 25-yr-old rums by mail (if you're over 21!).

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                You may need a friend out-of-state to mail it to. I don't think you can ship liquor to MA yet. They started allowing mail-order sales of wine here last year.

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                  Hmmm, didn't even think of possible legal hassles. But then I wouldn't think of trying to mail order alcohol myself....there's enough exceptional spirits to be found in local stores to satisfy me...

              2. Probably too late to help you, but Martignetti's in Brighton has Lemon Hart (the 80 proof version, not the 151). About $13. Only place I've been able to find it in the city. Here's their info:

                1650 Soldiers Field Rd
                Brighton, MA 02135
                (617) 782-3700

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                  Thanks - actually, I did find it there eventually. Then broke up with the guy, who got custody of the rum and the book. But I had a few cocktails, and they were really good.

                2. Curious,
                  I am new to CH & just realized your post for rum was a year & a 1/2 ago,
                  but if u r still looking for El Dorado I have access to it. Lemon Hart is still difficult to get.

                  1. I picked up some Lemon Hart, along with orgeat syrup (for mai tais) at Blanchards in Allston. That was a couple of years ago but they may still carry it.

                    1. Found a bottle of Lemon Hart Demerara at Gordon's in Waltham today, very nice rum for $14 a bottle, great with lime and soda.