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Dec 30, 2006 09:42 PM

Quest for Mac n cheese

OK My New Year's Resolution is to find the best mac n cheese in the DC metro area.
Can I get some help from the hounds

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  1. They do a pretty good one at Urban BBQ, nothing fancy however.

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    1. re: dinwiddie

      I've held true to this resolution and have tried many mac and cheese dishes. Sorry dinwiddle Urban BBQ was really bad. Glory Days Grill was quite good. It tasted as if it had Old Bay in it. I had one at Iggy's Pizza in Baltimore that was also nice. Mild cheeses with Herb de provence. So many more to try and we are only in February!

    2. Wholefoods does a good Mac & Cheese.

      If you are ever in Seattle a must is the Mac & Cheese from the Cheese store at Pike Place Market. By far the BEST!

      1. some places to try:
        oohs and ahhs on u street (lots of posts about this restaurant on chowhound)
        levi's port cafe in barracks row (my favorite)
        flavor's soul food on the arlington/falls church border (second favorite, best fried chicken in the area too)
        whitlows on wilson (in arlington) has some great mac and cheese but horrible ambience. well, unless you like the grown-up fratboy scene.
        rock bottom brewery is a chain but has some excellent mac and cheese.

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        1. re: kneelconqueso

          I didn't think much of the Oohs and Ahhs mac n cheese. Maybe it was an off day, but it just tasted bland.

          Levi's is the winner here. Nice crispy slightly burnt top, rich and creamy underneath

          The Diner in Adams Morgan did a gruyere version that was good but not really the usual mac n cheese.

        2. Ohhs and Ahhs is the only one I have tried thus far and I think that it is ok. I will check out these suggestions and give you feedback.

          1. I've never had it, but a friend of mine adores the mac 'n cheese at Harry's Tap Room in Arlington. She says it's the best she's ever had.