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Dec 30, 2006 09:36 PM

Cantonese Butterfly shrimp

Looking for good, old time Cantonese butterfly shrimp with bacon
butterfly shrimp in my mind should be: a jumbo butterflied shrimp topped with a partially cooked piece of bacon lightly which is then coated with egg. The shrimp is fried and served in a sweet sauce with sliced onions. Thre is a current trend to add orange sauce, chopped nuts or a myriad of veggies to the dish. Some restaurants overcoat the shrimp and bacon with egg. Does anyone know what I am talking about? And, if you do, please let me know where I can find it in the tri state area...preferable Manhatta or Queens

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  1. I've actually had the same craving. I've been thinking of trying Jade Mountain, that ancient old-style place in the East Village. The owner was killed in a traffic accident recently, so I'm not sure how long the place will remain open, or if the next generation is keeping it going.

    Here's their description:

    Butterfly Shrimp Fresh Jumbo Shrimp, Split Open, Dipped In Egg and Flour Batter and Crispy Sauteed In Oil, Each Luscious Piece Enfolded In Bacon and Onions and a Special Sauce to Top of a Real Taste Thrill.

    1. While I haven't had the dish there, King Yum would probably have what you are remembering. They are a very old school American/Cantonese Chinese restaurant. The owner has had the restaurant for over 40 years.

      I was there once and had other dishes of my childhood, and was very pleased with the trip down memory lane.

      1. Thanks for the info...King Yum is in Bayside, isn't it?
        I'll have to check out Jade Mountain

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          King Yum is on Union Tpk. in Fresh Meadows near 185th street.
          While it is the most traditionally Cantonese Restaurant in the area, there are better choices foodwise. There's a new take out place with decent seating on 188th Street & 73rd Ave called Peking. Their butterfly shrimp with bacon was good but not great.

        2. Terrific, will need to check them out! Thanks

          1. Someone told me that Jade Mountain is closing, owing to the death last September of its owner Reginald Chan. This would break my heart. I love the antiquated old place. Does anyone know if this is true?

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