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Dec 30, 2006 09:34 PM

Looking for a few things in the Asheville area

I'm fairly new to the area and moved here from Winston-Salem. I've seen on a couple posts there are no good butchers here. Is there a butcher shop ANYWHERE close by? I'm willing to drive an hour. I'm also looking for a good source of unpasteurized milk for my animals. Also, is there a grocery specializing in Asian ingredients or Hispanic food items? I live about 20 minutes north of Asheville, so if it's not in Buncombe County, that's okay.

I'm also looking for a really good, inexpensive restaurant that is primarily frequented by Hispanic/Latin patrons.


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  1. Ok - I'll just answer what I can...
    Asian Market - there are a couple that I go to that are frequented primarily by Asian patrons or Asian restaurants buying for their stores. There is one on East Tunnel Road and another across from Green Tea (sushi) and behind the Denny's on Patton Ave.
    As far as HIspanic/Latin food - there are lots but not a lot of good ones. For very simple fair there are a couple in strip malls along Merrimon Ave in Woodfin heading into Weaverville that seem to be frequented by the large hispanic population. Also Cocina Latina on Patton Ave in West ASheville.

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      Thanks. I did have relatively good luck at the Ingles on Merrimon this past weekend. I needed some short ribs for a ragu I was making (though they're not that hard to find). But while there, I discovered they also had beef tongue available as well as marrow bones. Don't see those everyday!

    2. I second the Cocina Latina rec. Very filling and affordable, good tamales and pupusas, great chips and salsa. The name is a little confusing, though. It's actually Tomato Cocina Latina (The word TOMATO is the biggest thing on their sign, which is crooked and low to the ground, so it's easy to miss on busy Patton Ave.)

      I would also do an "Asheville butchers" search as there have been numerous postings on the topic in the past year or so.

      1. no butcher's to my knowledge. hickory nut gap farm is a good source for meat, but not a butcher per se:

        tomato is one of my favorite restaurants, but it's a pretty mixed clientele. for nearly exclusive hispanic/latino clientele (although there may be more gringos right now since their review came out in the xpress last week) try carnitas/barbacoa herrera in candler (do a search, if that feature is working; i reviewed it a week or two ago). there's a taco truck on haywood that pulls a large hispanic/latino clientele. also a tacqueria or two on haywood that i've never seen a gringo in.

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          not a full-fledged butcher, but rathbone's (627-9502) in clyde is a good source for pork (also processes game animals). easy to work with for any cut, any size. somewhat hard to find, and only takes cash/local checks.

        2. Now that I think about it, the postings were more about which market or grocery store has the best meat. My bad.

          1. miramr seafood, off hendersonville road, near southside cafe is now carrying fresh/frozen north carolina and virgina raised chicken, beef , lamb, rabbit (if you special order). all raised by small sustainable family farms. the pork is wonderful. i know some of the pork is finished on a diet of acorns(mmmm). also, IMO best retail seafood in the area by far.

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              That sounds like it might be worth checking out. Is the seafood from the Carolinas also?