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Dec 30, 2006 09:09 PM

Ruth Chris

Ok, I am going with the bf tomorrow night to Ruth Chris, which will be our first time eating there. Is there anything that you would recommend? Like is there one steak that is better than the rest? We both eat our steaks medium. We are both considering the filet mignon. The picture on their website of the new york steak looks quite tastey too. What cut has the best flavor? Also on the sides we are considering the asparagus and mashed potatoes, or the au gratin potatoes. I would love the creamed spinach but the bf doesnt like spinach and I hear the sides are big enough to feed we need to share the sides. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you provide..:) and Happy New Year!

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  1. Hubby and I love Ruths Chris; go w/the filet. We take our medium rare and granted, while the regular size filet is a better 'value', the petite filet is plenty. Their 'gem', is the sweet potato 'caserole'. The trick is to order it for desert-it's a perfect ending to a great meal.

    1. What Rosie said. Although, being from Texas, when dining by myself I enjoy a Cowboy Cut Bone-in Ribeye every once in a while.

      1. If you don't mind the waiter sitting down with you to explain the menu, go for it! The food, whatever you choose, is outstanding.

        1. I would get the potatoes au gratin over the mashed potatoes. Also, our RC has a tendency to overcook the steak (I think because of the screaming hot plate.

          1. I have not had any negitive experiences at Ruth's Chris, only great steaks, sides and service. I prefer a NY to the filet because while not as tender, it's more flavorful. I went with someone who ordered lamb chops once and had a taste; best damn chops that I ever tasted - ANYWHERE!

            I just noticed your other post below re. Beverly Hills location which is the only location that I've been to besides the original several years ago. No pretense, industry BS, just good grub!