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Dec 30, 2006 09:03 PM

why i love ft. greene.

today, i noticed that the one major chain eatery (blimpees) in my hood has gone out of business.

meanwhile, in the past couple/few months, 4 (seemingly) independently owned restaurants have opened within a block of the now defunct blimpees (smoke joint, mullanes, la bagel delight, and that burger place) and all seem to be doing very well.

in a city that seems to be increasingly overrun with corporate owned uninteresting chains, its nice to see that, at least for now, there are some neighborhoods where the "indie" still rules.

that being said, i will say that, although i never actually ate at the blimpees, the owners did seem to be nice, hard working, immigrants (indian?). i can't help to think that they probably saved up and worked hard to open a business, and the idea that their dream possibly failed does make me a little sad.

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    1. do you have any info about the place that's opening in it's spot. some sort of bakery?

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      1. re: mrs. jones

        funny, i just peeked in the window this morning. not really sure what is going in there. the sign almost looks like it might be a carribean bakery of some sort, which made me think it was going to be a patty-type place. but from what i could see, it appeared as if it was going to be more of a place that bakes bread and makes sandwiches.

      2. I'm excited about the changes- and can;t wait to check out Smoke Joint- but La Bagel Delight is like a fungus- they keep popping up where you don't want them too- and the bagels suuucccckkk.

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        1. re: mdog

          i agree about la bagel delight. that place is a nightmare. not only are the bagels terrible, but for some reason ordering and getting your food is always awkward and annoying. i can't figure out what exactly is wrong with the setup, but it just never runs smooth. it's definatley no bergen bagel!