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Brooklyn Burger Bar: Uh Oh...

Completely dead at work yesterday, got to leave at about 1:30 PM. I decide to head to J&R to browse for some electronic junk, find that approximately 650,000 others have the same idea. I give up and head home to Park Slope.

Decide to stop in the new Brooklyn Burger Bar, check it out for myself. I enter the bar at 3:00 PM.

No one at the door, no one greeting incoming patrons, no one behind the bar. Bar has one couple and there are three tables near the bar that are occupied. Several tables in the back room are also occupied.

I unload my stuff, take my coat off, sit and wait. After a few minutes the bartender appears, says to me, "Hi, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait until I take their order...", indicating one of the occupied tables near the bar.

At this moment a server comes out of the kitchen, laden with a tray containing two very nice-looking burgers, each with a lightly toasted bun and a crisp order of fries. He stops next to me and says to the bartender, "Who gets the burgers?"

Bartender appears stumped for a moment. He looks over everyone in the place, finally remembers. He says, "Oh they were for the couple that just left. They were upset about the long wait."

Server appears unsettled. He looks at me, and for a fleeting moment I think he is going to offer me both burgers, but the moment passes and he disappears into the kitchen with the good-looking burgers.

Two couples enter at this moment, two separate parties. Bartender is still behind the bar. First couple says to the bartender, "Should we seat ourselves, or will you seat us?"

Bartender replies: "I'll seat you, but I have to get control again. First I need to take their order...", again pointing at the hapless couple still waiting to give their order. Bartender now leaves the bar and goes to the table. The two couples are standing in the doorway, completely uncertain about what's next.

I put on my coat and go home and order Chinese...

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  1. Another tale in the continuing saga of The Curse of the Minnow!

    1. Oh man, I never write this, but - I literally am "laughing out loud". I know you must have been starving, how else could you have left before you discovered what ensued after the bartender regained control??

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        You are correct. I had skipped lunch, decided that I would try the Burger bar. As the events at the Burger Bar unfolded I made a real effort to register them because I knew they'd make a good Chowhound posting, so I can tell you that there is no exaggeration in what happened, including the bartender's comment that he needed to regain control.

        Give the total lack of support for him, I doubt that he ever did, at least until everyone left.

        Finally, I'm pretty sure I spotted the owner prowling around. He was fussing with a curtain, or something like it, that separates the bar space from the old restaurant space next door. So he was there, letting the bartender totally flounder.

        I think he really knows how to run a kitchen and that he has no idea whatsoever on running a bar/pub.

        BTW, I really enjoyed the Chinese takeout; I really was starving...

      2. My friends had the exact same experience! As a matter of fact, they gave up and left as well.... Hmmm... I wonder if they were the couple to whom you referred?
        You have to wonder about a place that opens in a competitive place like Brooklyn and then can't figure out a way to manage
        the place and (Gasp!) serve customers. I've had better (make that MUCH better) service at local Chinese take out places than I have in some bonafide restaurants.
        No wonder the restaurant survival rate is so dismal.

        1. The place has been absolutely PACKED everytime I've gone by, unlike poor Minnow ever was. Don't know what that says about quality, but it certainly makes a statement about need.

          1. Not to change the subject but where did you get delicious Chinese takeout in that neighborhood??? I have yet to find anything worth a damn in Park Slope. And please don't say Red Hot. Heard a gross story about that place. And not an apocryphal one.

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            1. re: HankyT

              Actually, you are changing the subject, but let me hold no secrets. If you go back and reread my post you won't find anything that says "delicious Chinese takeout". What you'll find is me saying that I really enjoyed the takeout, as I was starving. Perhaps not the same thing...

              Be that as it may, I ordered from Szechuan Delight on 7th Avenue, a place my wife and I find to be very much hit or miss. When they're on the food can be really, really good (at least to our taste). When they're not on, well, what can you say. Perhaps starvation is the better option...

              But on this night I was really hungry and speed of delivery was a factor, so I took my chances with SD and they came through. I had an order of diced chicken with cashews (extra cashews, thank you) and an order of vegetable fried rice (extra egg, thank you), and they were both hot and tasty upon arrival. I still would've preferred one of those delicious looking burgers that barely escaped my clutches, but the Chinese food was a satisfactory replacement.

              Re Red Hot, based on an assertion in another post that Bar Minnow had been closed by the Department of Health, I went to their website (the DOH website) and looked for myself. It wasn't true that Bar Minnow had been closed; they were inspected on 10/20 (or thereabouts) and had received a 4, which is actually quite a good score.

              While I was on the website I decided to check all the restaurants in the 11215 area, and Red Hot had, BY FAR, the worst score. They scored a 55, where a 28 requires a followup inspection. Based on that alone I would never order from Red Hot. (BTW, Szechuan Delight scored a 3.)

              Perhaps you'd care to relate your gross story so that others might make more informed choices about the local Chinese takeout. (Plus you got my curiousity aroused...)

              1. re: HankyT

                Probably too late for this reply, but if anyone reads this:

                There's a Chinese place at the SW corner of Union St & 6th Ave called Hunan Delight (... I think.) The last time I passed by, it was undergoing renovations... this was a while ago. I used to work in Park Slope and went there often for the best damn fast food Chinese I've ever had! General Tso's chicken, low sodium, extra spicy... and they actually got it right! And everything else I've had there was pretty good as well. Nothing disappointing. Hope it's still there... I should drop by.

                Oh, and truthfully... if you're really squirmish about the "gross" conditions of some Chinese places, you're head is in the ground. EVERY fast food Chinese place is like that. :) Sorry to say. But just ignore that part and enjoy the MSG goodness! (And don't believe that whole "No MSG" mumbo jumbo they try to give you. That's a lie as well.)

                1. re: bluishgnome

                  Hunan Delight finished its renovations last summer. The place looks much nicer than it used to, but its still the same old Hunan Delight. Nothing fancy, but very yummy standard chinese food. And great steamed dumplings.

              2. I just got back from giving this place a try and it was just awful, all the way around. The service was slow and painful. They were out of regular cut fries, only had shoestring. The shake I ordered was really thin and cost $8. And the burger was possibly one of the worst I've ever eaten. It had no flavor, it was overcooked, I had grissle in every bite until I just put it down after I was half way through, the bacon I ordered on top was barely cooked after I specifically told them to make it crispy. My husband isn't a big gourmand and beer and burgers are his main thing and he thought it was awful too. I saw people around us sending their burgers back and other people reminding their waiter about drinks and sides they had requested and never received. Oh well...it could have been a fun place, with the leather armchairs and pool table in the back.

                1. I think that people should give them a few weeks to get their footing. My meal there was fine...in fact, more than that.

                  1. yes, I agree, give them a few weeks. As far as I know. some of the Minnow staff, and possibly one of the owners are still involved, and they deserve a chance of getting this new thing off the ground.

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                    1. re: flo

                      Well, some might (probably would) argue that they, in fact, already have had that chance. It was called "Bar Minnow".

                    2. "some of the Minnow staff, and possibly one of the owners are still involved"

                      And that's the heart of the problem. Bar Minnow had some of the worst, and most comically inept, service I've ever experienced.

                      1. That said, I absolutely plan to go there after giving them a couple of weeks to get it together. Saw some delicious looking onion rings through the window. I hope it's great. We could use a place like that in the hood, that's for sure.

                        1. "Couple of weeks to get it together????" We're talking about burgers and fries here. Give me a break.

                          1. however, it does take a few weeks to coordinate staff and kitchen. new help may not work out for the big picture and everyone has to get a rhythym going. give them a break.

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                            1. re: redgirl

                              Hi Redgirl,

                              I think the disconcerting thing with this place is that it's not really new. Bar Minnow closed and the Brooklyn Burger Bar opened in its stead. The only things new about the place are its name, its color motif and the fact that it now promotes burgers instead of seafood.

                              The place has the same owner(s) and it appears to me to have exactly the same problems that caused the demise of Bar Minnow. When I was there last Friday I saw the owner and I recognized him from my visits when the place was Bar Minnow. As I said in an earlier posting in this thread, I think he knows what he's doing in the kitchen, but he appears to have no idea how to run a pub.

                              So, if you're lucky, you can get good service and probably a really good, even great, burger on one visit. Or, like my visit, you can be consigned to service hell, if you care to stick it out.

                              The thing that gets to me is his steadfast refusal to get involved with service, even when it's CLEARLY needed, such as last Friday. His bartender was the only service person I could see, and he was expected to handle the bar, the tables at the bar and the tables in the back that constitute the restaurant. Perhaps he wasn't very efficient, but the owner was there and could have jumped in to help out. But he didn't, so I left.

                              So, IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion), a few weeks isn't going to help. The owner has had several years and still hasn't found the formula.

                              I really wish he would, because I'd love the place to succeed. I think a burger joint is a great idea and the burgers I saw really did look inviting.

                              1. re: BrookBoy

                                I posted this in a previous thread, but it got axed, why, I don't know. The owners are not the same. Bar Minnow was owned by Aaron Bashy, who left to run The Prime Grill in Beverly Hills. The new owner is Greg Muranji, who own's Greg's Express garbage service.

                                The Brooklyn Papers had an article about the change:


                                1. re: Rocknrope

                                  Well, I stand corrected.

                                  I based my comments on seeing a person I took to be the owner. I saw this same person there on several occasions late in the life of Bar Minnow, and took him then to be the owner of Bar Minnow. I wonder if he, the new owner, was in attendance during the last weeks/months of Bar Minnow's existence. That might account for the confusion.

                                  But thanks for the heads-up and the reference to the article.

                                  1. re: BrookBoy

                                    No problemo. I remember BM also had some logistic/organizational issues when it first opened, at which I was surprised because of Bashy's work right next door at Minnow, but it shortly straightened itself out, before they stopped caring. We'll see if BBB straightens itself out as well.

                                  2. re: Rocknrope

                                    Sorry for the multiple posts, but I decided to Google Aaron Bashy after I posted my earlier reply. I finally saw a picture of him and it is definitely not the person I saw in The Burger Bar. But the person I saw in the Burger Bar is the same person I saw prior to Bar Minnow closing. I took him to be the owner (never having met or seen Aaron Bashy), but perhaps he was the manager, or, as I suggested in my previous posting, the new owner.

                                    Again, sorry about the confusion...

                                    1. re: Rocknrope

                                      This is correct, although Greg did have some ownership involvement in Minnow.

                                    2. re: BrookBoy

                                      What really matters here?

                                      If we talk service, then last night's was stellar, having been waited on by no less than three servers...although our waiting time for just one course, the eponymous burger, was excessive.

                                      Let's talk food...because I came in with an open mind and "low-bar" expectations (given the mish-mash of CH opinions). The plate with a burger, fries and accompaniments is certainly large enough and the burger size sufficient, but oh how I wished the (pedestrian-quality) meat wasn't overdone. Flavored "Garlic" house fries could barely cover up some obvious freezer-burnish. Sampling an onion ring from another plate on the table, I couldn't venture a guess which food surplus warehouse they came from - awful. Will admit to having a totally right and refreshing Coca-Cola.

                                      Would fresh-made beer-batter onion rings and Belgian-style frites do the trick? Sure. But in the spirit of us locals who so want this place to succeed, I'd say tweak, tweak, tweak and don't skimp on quality - even the guinea pigs know.

                                  3. I'm all for giving a new place a chance, but sorry it should not take a few weeks to get the basics of at least having enough staff available to take orders. The original Paster didn't refer to bad food. He referred to the inability to get any food at all! If the owner is having staffing issues right out of the box, then HE/SHE should be there seating patrons and taking orders.
                                    If the owner/Manager cannot manage that, I'd think a lot more than twice before eating anything produced in that kitchen.

                                    1. Sorry....
                                      Didn't mean to give a relig. slant to the posting,
                                      Make that, Poster, NOT Pastor! :-}

                                      1. I went to Burger Bar last night with my Brother, Sister-in-Law and our kids. I had read this thread, so I wasn't expecting anything great, but I thought since our standards were pretty low it would be fine. Well it's awful on every level. We waited for 45 minutes for a table. The burgers were awful (some undercooked, some totally over cooked). Previous post about carmalized onions was dead on--it was like chutney. The french fries were greasy and gross. It was so bad that it was actually became our entire topic of conversation. How can you make a burger/beer/fries place go so wrong? This isn't one of those medicore, but passable park slope places that's fine if you just need to eat and have three kids. I don't think there is a "getting it together" issue here. I think it is just plain doomed (but it was really crowded so maybe it will be another one of those impropably bad restaurants that never dies.

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                                        1. re: judybrune

                                          Did you also, by chance, have the so-called cheeseburger, sporting a 1/4 of a millimeter "slice" of Swiss?

                                          I overheard someone mention "how good it was...that I didn't eat anything!"

                                        2. Does anyone remember a bar in Bay Ridge on 5th and about 79th St called Skinflints? I recall they served really, really great burgers. I wonder if they are still there and if so, do they still serve an outstanding burger?

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                                          1. re: Tay

                                            Skinflints is still there and the burgers are quite good. Dont bother wiht the rest of the menu though! The tartufo for dessert is an exception. They are open late too-and the place is very warm and comfortable-worth a trip from the slope.

                                          2. We went here last week, and it was the worst food experience I've had in the past year, easily. First, the waiter informed us they were out of regular french fries-- how can a burger and fries spot be out of french fries? That should have been our cue to leave. We ordered sweet potato fries ("They're really good," said our waiter) and onion rings instead (both of which we were charged extra for). The sweet potato fries were disgusting--both limp and underdone at the same time. The onion rings were the only edible part of the meal, though they weren't anything to shout about. I ordered my burger medium-rare and it came out beyond well done-- completely dry, with a bizarre, crumbly, grissly texture. The brioche was dry, and the pickles--ugh! I shudder just thinking about them. The worst part of the meal was the milkshake we ordered. First, our waiter said they didn't do milkshakes, but recanted after we pointed out that milkshakes were on the menu. I think a milkshake is pretty hard to screw up, but this proved me wrong. What arrived was a big bowl/glass of what looked and tasted like slightly melted soft-serve ice cream. It was disgusting. And the price (which wasn't printed on the menu)? $8 dollars. I will never go back to this place again.

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                                            1. re: foodiegalore

                                              Don't say you weren't warned :-}

                                              1. re: foodiegalore

                                                Thanks for the update on Skinflints!

                                              2. Some important questions:

                                                Did any of you ask to speak to the manager? Send your poorly cooked food back? Complain about being charged extra for a side when the very common side (and a staple) was out? Complain about the service? Dispute your bill with either the restaurant or credit card company (if they take cards)? Etc.

                                                If not, then how will they know there are multiple problems, assuming they continue to be packed?

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                                                1. re: Matt M.

                                                  That's right - and I don't care who you're dining with...when the perfunctory "Is Everything Alright?" is heard, just say "NO"...it likely catches your waitperson by surprise and usually gets you, the customer, attention to those lackluster details.

                                                  In the name of "process improvement", BBB needs to take notes. I'd venture to say they're also watching this Board daily.

                                                2. For the amount of bad reviews BBB has received on this board, it continues to be packed every time I walk by.

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                                                  1. re: subinai

                                                    It's early...How many will repeat and become valued, habitual, steady-customers?

                                                    One thing if an "old standby" is not on top of its game one time outta ten, but in the "first impression" phase, you wanna be impressed.

                                                    1. re: Mike R.

                                                      i feel compelled to repeat that i had a lovely experience and good food and will go back again.

                                                  2. Speaking of that area, does anyone go to Beet anymore? I went there a couple of times, and I liked it, but I've moved from the area.

                                                    1. We live around the corner from BBB and were really excited to have a reliable burger/hungry/tired/dont feel like cooking place near the apartment. We first attempted dinner there on a friday night just a few days after they opened. After a short wait, we were seated and given menus and water....and then....nothing. After ten minutes no one had come to take our drink order, so my husband flagged down a waiter who said it "wasn't his responsibility" and said he'd find "our" waiter to come over and take care of us "soon." Five more minutes, and no one came. We spoke to the host who said she'd deal with it(still no apology from anyone) and we just gave up and walked out after waiting twenty minutes. We chalked it up to the friday night rush and the infancy of the place and decided to give it another try last weekend (about two weeks later).

                                                      Went with husband and friend at 9pm, and though there were a fair number of people it was by no means chaotic. And yet, our first experience began to repeat itself from the getgo. Ten minutes and no one had come to take drink orders...or even give us a menu. Asked the host for a menu and were promptly ignored for the next ten minutes. Finally grabbed a waiter passing by and barely got drink orders out before he ran away (literally) from the table and proceeded to bring back the WRONG drink order. Eventually a second waitress came and asked if we'd been taken care of, to which we responded that we had not. She took our dinner order, which came out relatively quickly...but was also incorrect (wrong/missing toppings on all three of our burgers). And it was a shame, because despite the topping mishap, the burgers themselves were delicious, and so were the fries.

                                                      We then attempted a second drink order and a THIRD person took our order as our second waitress literally TOLD US TO ASK SOMEONE ELSE because she was busy. We ended up giving up and leaving. I wrote on the receipt that the service was laughably bad and tried to find a manager on my way out to complain but was out of luck.

                                                      It's a shame, because we all thought the food was great. Too bad that they have staff with the collective brainpower and customer service abilities of a twelve year old. Definitely don't go unless you're a glutton for punishment.

                                                      1. Sure sounds like they held over the staff from Bar Minnow. Was there one waiter with a particularly harried, but lost, look on his face, like just doing simple waiting tasks was straining him to the utmost?

                                                        Seriously though, what is with all of the service issues in so many Brooklyn restaurants?

                                                        1. The buck (literally) stops with Management. If the staff is rude/uncaring/whatever, then the blame/responsibility falls on the Owners or the people hired to manage the place. For those Chow Hounders who would still frequent this restaurant in the meager hope of getting a good burgrer and fries, I'd have to say, it's pretty obvious you are risking a frustrating dining experience. If that doesn'r phase you then you may want to take the chance. I keep thinking if they don't care about taking care of their customer's, I'd have to wonder how much they care about the condition of their kitchen and the quality of their raw goods. Just thinking about that would be enough to keep me far, far away....And it will...

                                                          1. Are there any recent reviews of this place? I'm interested to see if it's gotten any better at all.

                                                            1. I haven't been there since it opened, but a friend of mine took his family there over the weekend and they all loved it. I know for a fact that his father does not tolerate poor service, so it must have been ok. Also hear the food was good, and the place was packed.

                                                              1. I went last night with my husband and another couple. I was very wary from the start having read all the posts here, but it seems like the place has improved over time, because we all enjoyed our food very much. The burgers were the best we had all had in a while--all were cooked to the requested specs, everyone received the right order, and they were simply very good. Also, the service was great. The place was indeed packed, and we went around 6 pm. I know that we will return with other friends soon.

                                                                1. can anyone else attest to any improvement here? I'm tempted to go tonight....just to give it a try...its certainly possible that they've gotten their act together (one can hope!)

                                                                  1. well, no one responded so I'll answer my own query. We went tonight--early, at 6 p.m. Had absolutely no issues with the service...friendly, fast, and efficient. However, the food was decidely mediocre. Burgers were at least done properly (mine rare, his med-rare) but they were pretty flavorless, no juice, and I'd say equivalent to your average coffee-shop burger. We were disappointed to see that they didn't list blue cheese as a cheese option for the burgers, but we asked and were able to get blue cheese burgers (there's blue cheese in the Cobb Salad, right?) Unfortunately it was the type of blue cheese that just doesn't melt, so it was little hard lumps of blue cheese on our burgers. Onion rings were definitely frozen, reminded me of Mrs. Paul's.

                                                                    Nothing was terrible, just truly mediocre. If I lived around the corner I could see stopping by when I was craving a burger...although really I think I'd walk the extra few blocks to Grand Canyon (far superior burgers there, juicy and flavorful and with real blue cheese.) As it stands...we'll be going back to Rhythm & Booze next time we have a burger craving. Although I wish they'd have blue cheese burgers!

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                                                                    1. re: jinx

                                                                      we popped in on saturday and had exactly the same experience: bland burger, frozen onion rings. we shared a chicken quesadilla to start with and it was pretty flavorless too, full of generic, plastic-y cheese. the service was fine, but my "medium rare" burger was "medium well".

                                                                      i was quite surprised, because my fave thing there when it was bar minnow, was the burger and fries.

                                                                      i hope they figure it out and make a change!

                                                                      1. re: funkymonkey

                                                                        As much as I'd hope for a change, I'm betting against it. It looks like they're aspiring to be the Smiling Pizza of 7th Avenue burgers.

                                                                        BBB's tagline, "It's filling."

                                                                    2. If you pick up last weeks Brooklyn paper I think they had a writeup of local burger places - the writer agreed with you on this place.

                                                                      1. Here's the article that JenKalb is talking about, where they review BBB's burger, exactly as jinx described. I wish they included Rhythm and Booxe in the review, cause their burgers are awesome. On second thought, I'm glad R&B is still relatively unknown beyond the locals...


                                                                        1. thanks for the link as we were out of town when that edition came out. I didn't know Dressler serves a burger, the "Dumont burger" at that... will have to try it! Meantime, R&B is still our fave and we can walk there ;-)

                                                                          1. We ended up at brooklyn burger bar for a drink before dinner at applewood last night (closest bar we could find, with it raining outside and us early for our table).

                                                                            I didnt realize it was new (don't get to the slope that often) and we were planning to come back for a burger some night..but sheesh, maybe not with these reviews ;)

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                                                                            1. re: Nehna

                                                                              Despite all I've read I gave it a try yesterday afternoon. Primarily because I wanted to see for myself and they had a dog hitch where I could keep an eye on my pooch. I ordered a basic burger and an egg cream. The egg cream had no flavor and the burger while not abysmal was just sort of "eh". The service was prompt (since there was like two other people in the restaurant). All in all...very underwhelming. Too bad.

                                                                              If you want a better burger go to Bonnie's (obviously) or go around the corner to Bar Toto (6th and 11th) and try a Bar Toto burger. It comes on a panini with gorgonzola...very good.

                                                                              1. re: pastoralia

                                                                                My husband and I went last night for the first time and loved it. It was extremely crowded but the wait was not too long. Waitress was great. Brought our wine right away. We both had the Brooklyn Burger w/bacon. Mine was exact, med, husbands med well. Bacon was crisp, burger very tasty and juicy. I had sweet potato fries that were ex. not greasy or soggy. Husband had onion rings that were also crisp and tasty. Dessert I had the cupcake that was ok, tasted like a mix. Husband had the apple crumble w/ice cream that was very good.
                                                                                We'll go back.

                                                                                1. re: kdka

                                                                                  For a place that calls itself Brooklyn Burger Bar, its burgers are unmemorably average at best. I mean, I tried it, because I live close by and it's a good location so I *want* it to be good. It just isn't, really. Like, a day later, I couldn't tell you anything about our meals.

                                                                                  As to the noise, kdka, count your lucky stars if the place isn't a not entirely legal after hours bar (i.e. 12th St.).

                                                                                  1. re: kdka

                                                                                    As many complaints as this place gets, it always seems packed. What gives?

                                                                                    1. re: Rocknrope

                                                                                      People who are indifferent to what goes in their pie-hole?

                                                                                      1. re: jennitrixie

                                                                                        after almost a year and we still cant seem to get it together!! I'm tired of apologizing to the consumers. My staff really tries ( I guess) My manager has no idea what hes doing. The food comes out soggy /hard/awwwful. Can I say anything even more?? This is the second time I have been back (only cause I live around the corner) This place has had its chances and from reading everyone elses reviews it just reinforces the comment"STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!"

                                                                                        1. re: grouch

                                                                                          I don't understand, Grouch...first half of your post makes it sound like you work there and then the second half of your post makes you sound like a customer.

                                                                                          1. re: Nehna

                                                                                            Exactly what I thought Nehna. And given that it's "Grouch"'s only post, I smell something rotten.

                                                                              2. I posted one of the earlier review of this place. I decided to give it another try, since I knew when I first visited they had only been open for a short time. I went back a few weeks ago and it was actually worse than I remember it. My "medium-rare" burger came out well-done, the bun was still gross, and the shoestring fries-- ugh, my stomach is turning just thinking about them. They came out reeking of old oil that tasted faintly of bad bacon. Yuck. At least the service was good-- our waitress was really nice and very prompt. But I've definitely convinced myself that this place is just awful. I continue to be perplexed by how many people I see in there.

                                                                                3 Replies
                                                                                1. re: foodiegalore

                                                                                  People are sheep...look at the last election.

                                                                                    1. re: redgirl

                                                                                      . My parents have always said if a restaurant doesn't care about the customers assume they don't care about anything else.. The vast number of unfavorable postings indicated that Mgmt and staff didn't care about their customers, so this seems a logical conclusion