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Dec 30, 2006 07:35 PM

help me find a kebab place...that is not carousel!

Let's see extremely rude service, tough filet mignon, rice-a-roni, steamed "charred" tomatoes...this was the third and last time I will ever return to this place. The food and service is HORRIBLE!!! Plesae help me find a restaurant serving good persian/middle eastern food without the insulting treatment. I do like Raffi's Place, but help me find a place outside of Glendale!

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  1. Marouch in Hollywood (on Santa Monica Blvd.) Not in the best location (it's in a strip mall) but the food and service are both great.

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      I second is great!

    2. One of the best Kabab places I have been to is Rafi's in glendale. I think that its on Broadway just above Central or Brand (I always get those two street confused.

      Anyway, its a Persian restaurant owned by Persian Armenians. But they only have Kebab and some starters. They do not have the various Persian stew and rice dishes.

      My recent/soon to be ex wife is Persian so I have been to a ton of places and I thought it was the best in terms of kebab, and so does her family.

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        Did you read the original post?

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          Sorry. I'm a bonehead. Didn't read the entire post.

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              So I am somewhat redeemed. That's good.

      2. I've had great meals at Carnival on Woodman and Moorpark, in Sherman Oaks. It tends to be crowded, but the line goes quickly.

        My experiences at the other Carousel on Hollywood have been really good - have you tried that branch ?

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          I was at the Carousel on Hollywood over the holidays. The place was a little homey but the service and food were fine. Was it the best ever? No, not everything was perfect but overall very good. My reference besides restaurants, a fair amount of home cooked Middle Eastern food.

          I don't know, maybe it was what you ordered? Kebabs are really only 30% of the total meal/experience. The soups, veggies and spreads (muhammara, roasted peppers and walnuts) were excellent. Hummus and the other standards, only okay.

          BTW, I still can't figure out if it's Lebanese or Armenian.

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            I second Carnival. I also like their chicken shwarma sandwich and hummus.

            I also like the chicken kebab at Sunnin on Westwood Blvd. @ Santa Monica Blvd.

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              Third the rec for Carnival. Great tender, moist chicken.

          2. I like Javan in West LA, and Green Cottage in Woodland Hills for Persian kabob. The latter, aside from great food and the obligatory huge portions, has a homey family-run feel, and pickled garlic (yum).

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              I agree - Javan is a safe bet. Also, try shamshiri, shahrzad and a new one: "baran"'s pretty good.

            2. Totally agree about your assessment of Carousel. For the anti-Carousel (fantastic meat, incredible hummus, fragrant basmati rice, real grilled tomatoes, but also a bit lacking in the decor dept.) go to Skaf's Grill on the NE corner of Laurel Canyon and Oxnard in NoHo.

              Get anything off the specials menu. I've been going there between once and four times a week for more than six years now.