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Dec 30, 2006 07:32 PM

Olema Inn Restaurant

Hubby, puppy and I just returned from two spectacular days in Point Reyes. Stayed for the first time at the Olema Inn (quite attractive, allow pets, no 2-night minimum but lousy hot water and non-existent service). This was Thursday evening, following the fire that closed down Manka's so getting a dinner rez was tight. However we wrangled an 8:30, went down to the bar around 8pm and were given a complimentary glass of champagne to ease the pain of the wait.

We started with Hog Isand oysters, 8 of them, each with a different topping. The four I tasted were all delicious, my fave being the "A La Russe" with lemon creme fraiche and caviar.
Then we shared the fresh crab frisee salad with citrus truffle vinegrette, light, complex and delicious. On to the mains: We got the Marin Farms steak with wild mushrooms and potatoes- beautifully cooked and really meaty tasting and statisfying, and probably the most fabulous dish of the evening, duck confit and apple ravioli with quince,fennel, bussell sprouts in a sherry au jus. The flavors were so unique and complimented each other so well we ALMOST didn't need dessert but who are we to skimp? We had a chocolate ice cream parfait which was fine but ordinary and a very good bread pudding with carmel sauce. All in all a terrific meal and most impressive considering we were one of the last tables after the kitchen had been unexpectedly slammed after the fire. We also had a nice chat with the sous chef who was doing double duty as a bartender/hostess. Sh said that she and the chef, Ed Vigil will be opening a new place in the large brick builing next to the Old West saloon in Point Reyes. She said it will also have rooms and be called Serefina. They are expecting to open sometime next year.

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  1. I can't tell you how happy your post has made me!
    I'm glad that the Inn is doing well. There have been rumors flying since it was noted for sale in the last few months. That with the news of Manka's destruction have left me blue.

    The brick building they are talking about was the original PRS hotel that has been there since the 19th century as was home to many when Point Reyes Station was an actual train station. It sits directly across the street from the Point Reyes Station Cafe (another destination up there on a trip that includes Pine Cone Diner, Cowgirl Creamery, formerly included Manka's and the Point Reyes Winery not to forget Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese with their rennetless blue and the Bovine Bakery for their scones!

    I have been mourning Manka's all week and am glad to hear there will soon be another destination (beside Kuleto's new venture) to drag me up there every few months.

    THANK YOU for your great info!


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      So glad that the info was helpful- interesting history on the old PRS hotel. It's a gorgeous building and I'm really glad that someone is going to do something with it. Re: Bovine Bakery, we had a chocolate-cherry-almond cookie there that was truly killer.

    2. My fiance & I just had a fabulous weekend in Marin, not the least of which was a great dinner at the Olema Inn on Saturday. I just love the ambience of their dining room, and we had a nice table next to a window overlooking the patio. We had two salads: little gems with bleu cheese or gorgonzola (can't remember which) and pecans, and mache with grilled asparagus, Red Hawk, and hazelnuts. Both were very good, but the latter had the added benefit of being very unusual. Then I got the New York steak (same as hamachihil above) with potato gratin and fabulous mushrooms, and he had the grilled salmon. Both were outstanding. Too full for dessert, but it was a perfect meal anyway! We can't wait to go back.