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Dec 30, 2006 07:19 PM

Steak houses : Crafsteak, Ben and Jack's, Blair-Perrone, or Quality Meats?

Hi All,

I am looking to take my wife to a steak house and am considering the above choices. Would appreciate any thoughts that you have on the above 4 steak houses.



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  1. I was unimpressed with Ben & Jacks. Never been to the other 2.

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Quality meats is good if you order correctly. Their rib steak is fantastic, but don't get the double rib chop for two as it is not really worth the premium. Also, they have a great steak tartar. If you decide upon Quality meats, make sure that you get a table on the main floor and not upstairs as it can be noisy up there due to the poorly executed minimalistic design of the restaurant. My wife recently went out to dinner with some friends and they wound up at the Porter house in the time warner/columbus circle building and she told me that they all enjoyed it, so maybe you should consider that as well.

      1. re: tbone

        the porter house in time warner sounds intriguing. thanks for the tip!

        1. re: Dandel

          I would skip Porter House for now. I recently wrote a review on my experience there. If you want to go for the atmosphere, service fine. I just would not go for the food, it is average at best. I have also posted about Blair and Perrone, which is better than Porter House, but not the best. I personally would recommend Strip House. The choices you listed are not generally considered the better places like Strip House, Keens or Sparks, which appear to be consensus favorites. (although I am not a big Sparks fan)

        2. re: tbone

          I am interested in the double rib chop. At 64 oz $110 bucks is a bargain to me. What exactly is it? Just two steaks served together or is really just one massive chop? Also, does it come to the table pre sliced?

      2. do not go to ben and jacks...strip house is relly good...

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          1. re: kel

            Triple that! . . . and date friendly. Would have never ordered the truffle creamed spinach, but the B-friend ordered it. I tried a little, and couldn't believe how good and heavenly it was.

        1. None of the above. Go to Wolfgang's or the Strip House or Keen's.

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          1. re: gutsofsteel

            KEENS!!!! Had the good fortune of eating there two nights in a row last week. Strip one night, Porterhouse the next. Best meat in the city save Lugers.

            I am not a fan of Sparks (with due respect to surfer dude below) and found B&Js to be perfectly fine, if unmemorable.

          2. Sparks is the best in town, especially if you're into wine!

            1. From the original list posted I'd go with Ben & Jacks or Blaire Perrone (better ambiance). I had a meal at Craftsteak which I did enjoy very much but it was way overpriced in general. Aside from the list, I'd add Keens (just had a great meal & time here on New Years eve), and I always love Pietro's for steak or Italian.