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other Peter Luger entrées

Yes, I know, it would be perverse, contrarian and somewhat pointless to go all the way to Peter Luger and not order steak. But to help satisfy my nagging curiosity, has anyone ever ordered anything from their little-used menus besides porterhouse?

I know they offer lamb chops, etc.

I'm going there tonight and might be in the mood to commit sacrilege (I've done their porterhouse many times in the past and will likely do so in the future).

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  1. As a kid my grandfather always ordered the lamb chops. He seemed to really enjoy them over the steak. I would go with that over say, the salmon.

    Last time I was there someone at the next table ordered salmon and I spent the entire meal resisting the urge to scream "Why?"

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      you never know. my dad was raised a devout hindu and steak kind of freaks him out, so when we railroaded him into going to luger's once, he ordered the salmon. I have to say, though, the waitstaff weren't so nice about it. If you want to avoid their scorn, stick to red meat.

      as to the burger, which someone mentions further down the thread, i find it variable. went once and it was ho hum, went another time and it was the most amazing burger i had ever had. don't know how one would figure out which day is which, tho.

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        My idea of hell is a lifetime of PL dinners, surrounded by the steaks and you can only order the salmon.

      2. I've been there several times with friends who went for the experience and ordered other things. Not one of them had more than an okay meal but all of them provided the rest of us, the other patrons and the staff with entertainment value. Get the steak again. Or see if they'll make you a burger.

        1. The only time I went, I went specifically for the highly touted burger (part of my own personal search for the holy grail). Thought the 100-yr-old server I had was surly and thought the burger was over-hyped. Liked the space a lot and did taste the creamed spinach which reminded me of what my grandma used to make me eat.

          1. I think Frank Bruni wrote a pretty devestating story a year or 2 ago about the mediocrity of their inexplicably lauded burger... I've never tried it myself, but it's more of a lunch thing, anyway.

            1. The lamb chops are delicious. I was forced to forgo the porterhouse, on a recent visit, when my companions informed me of their preference for well-cooked beef. I went for the lamb (rare)....beautiful char.... Two thick chops -- too much for me that night. The second made an amazing sandwich the next day (sliced...on a baguette...with a scallion & cilantro mayo....mmm).

              1. I've tasted the salmon at Peter Luger's, and it wasn't bad.

                Although I am not the best judge when it comes to fish, as I rarely have it. (I am a usually strict vegetarian who about once a month to get meat as a festive occasion, usually steak. Someone wanted to come and watch the perversity of me eating steak. I had the perversity of watching them eat fish at Luger's!) I was particularly happy with the light, airy textures, and how it wasn't too fishy. I'd get it again, if I was going with three people and also split a steak for 2!

                I think if you are going to diverge from the steak menu, do it during lunch time.

                1. Lamb chops are excellent. When I go with a larger group, I frequently order them as an app so people can try before the porterhouse main course. This is what I would have if not having beef.

                  1. Even better, we have a friend who doesn’t eat meat (not a veggie, just her preference) and she ordered the shrimp cocktail for dinner. They were good, pretty big and all, but come on? One thing that no one mentioned is the Canadian bacon appetizer – yummy. I wonder if they’ll do a Canadian bacon burger for you?

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                      Yes they will. The burger with bacon and cheese side of fries (cooked in beef tallow) and an ice cold Beck's is nothing less then awesome. The problem Bruni had was mostly with getting the burger cooked the requested "doneness". It is one of the best burgers you will ever have. As for the OP's original request, I would suggest that anyone eating at the Great Neck branch night want to consider the lobster. On Sunday night is was 2 1/2 lbs for $36, cooked any way you like.

                    2. They have fish. A friend of ours doen't eat meat and when we go there he orders salmon. The rest of us crack up . You are in a steak house and he having fish. The irony !

                      1. I've been to Lugers several times. One time someone ordered the fish at my table and it wasn't that good. The lamb chops were not bad, whcih I had myself. I still think they got the best porterhouse.