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Dec 30, 2006 06:01 PM

What are the best picks for a quiet romantic dinner place with great food and wine?

I have been to Troquet, L'espalier, Upstairs on the Square, Rialto, Hamersley's, Lumiere, Aujourd'hui, Mistral,etc....looking for that special quiet dimly lit atmosphere with great food and wine. It is for a special occasion. What do you suggest? Thanks in advance.

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    1. Salts or Pigalle and a tough choice between the two

      1. Pigalle would be my vote too.

        1. We had a wonderful meal at Pigalle on Christmas eve. The Cassoulet is fantastic. My husband had the halibut. Every bite was perfect.

          And, they do have that touch of romance.

          1. Salts or La Campania in Waltham.