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Dec 30, 2006 05:58 PM

dinner in atlantic city

i'm taking my husband to caesars for an overnight next week for his birthday. looking for recs for resto in or close to caesars. exactly how expensive/good is morton's?. would gallagher's in resorts be a better steak choice? any recommendations will be appreciated. love him dearly, but christmas was just a week ago, so....don't want to rebreak the bank! thanks!

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  1. They are both good and both expensive. Honestly, for the money, you can get better meals elsewhere. A very short pedicab ride up the boardwalk is Opa Grill, a very good greek joint not affiliated with any hotel. Their lamb chops are excellent as are most of their grilled items. Just another thought ;o)

    1. Screw Mortons. I'd go with Red Square or Cuba Libre's in Tropicana before going to Morton's. Cuba Libre is fun as hell!

      1. Red Square at the Trop is awesome. And if you're looking for romance, reserve one of their "intimate dining" tables...secluded, curtain-lined (staff will close the curtains while you dine), the backdrop for a perfect evening. The food (and martinis) are fabulous! :)

        1. Wow! I got my husband the same gift for Christmas! He's a steak lover, too, but we're going to Chef Vola's after all the reviews on this and other boards. They might do a steak pizziola. It's probably the only BYO in A/C and was written up in Gourmet magazine as well as Zagats. Is your guy a vodka lover? If so, since it's a BYO, he can save big bucks by bringing his own!
          Hey, wait....are we married to the same guy???
          Have fun wherever you go!