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Dec 30, 2006 05:15 PM

oven tray not a cookie tray

I'm looking for an oven tray heavy enough to support an aluminum turkey roasting pan and to be able to bake pizzas,breads etc with a 1/4 to 1/2 ince high rim so that oils or other liquids don't run off.Thankyou

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  1. You can try any restaurant supply store and ask them for a "hotel pan." I have one of these and it is absolutely INVALUABLE. It's exactly as you've described. Indeed I used it under a roasting dish for a 22 lb turkey one year.

    1. I think what ballulah means is a half sheet tray. A hotel pan is also nice to have (1/2 hotel pans for most home ovens are great for roasting vegies, etc)but is enerally deeper than 1/4 to 1/2", and not as wide.
      A half sheet tray is about a 1/2" deep and works to support a roast/rack as easily as it works for cookies. Silpats are made to fit in them nicely.
      These trays are sturdy, and will not bend like a cookie tray sometimes does.
      In the Bay Area we can get them at many restaurant supply wharehouses.

      1. Sounds like what you want is a "half sheet" pan. I got mine at a regular cookware store, I've seen them in aluminum and steel.
        FWIW, they make quarter sheet pans, too.

        1. Make sure you measure your interior oven size. Some ovens will not fit hotel pans, while I've never met an oven that wouldn't fit a half sheet pan.

          1. I actually have met an oven that won't take even a half sheet (and it's not even in an apartment), but it is unusual. A normal 30" range will hold one with no problem.