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Dec 30, 2006 04:40 PM

Something new or different on Nassau's South Shore???

Any suggestions for something new or different on South Shore? Seems we always end up at same old places over and over again...
Thanks. (All foods welcome; all price ranges)

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  1. Green Cactus is a good, cheap Mexican chain. All their food is fresh and anything they make with steak is worth ordering. This is the website, It's not a restaurant, but A&S in Oceanside makes fresh mozzerella and meatballs that are worth staying in for. Give me examples of the types of things you want and I could probably be more specific.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I love Green Cactus. Looking for more in the way of sit down, eat out, dinner type places. The location you chose is great though ---- RVC, Oceanside, Lynbrook, 5 Towns... something like that...

      1. We enjoyed Antonio's on Long Beach Road in Oceanside. Nice little dining room with a pizzeria on the other side. I thought the food was pretty good.

        1. I've tried Grillfire in RVC, which had excellent burgers, IMHO.

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            George Martin just took over Grillfire, all of his places are great.