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Something new or different on Nassau's South Shore???

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Any suggestions for something new or different on South Shore? Seems we always end up at same old places over and over again...
Thanks. (All foods welcome; all price ranges)

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  1. Green Cactus is a good, cheap Mexican chain. All their food is fresh and anything they make with steak is worth ordering. This is the website, http://www.greencactusgrill.com/. It's not a restaurant, but A&S in Oceanside makes fresh mozzerella and meatballs that are worth staying in for. Give me examples of the types of things you want and I could probably be more specific.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I love Green Cactus. Looking for more in the way of sit down, eat out, dinner type places. The location you chose is great though ---- RVC, Oceanside, Lynbrook, 5 Towns... something like that...

      1. We enjoyed Antonio's on Long Beach Road in Oceanside. Nice little dining room with a pizzeria on the other side. I thought the food was pretty good.

        1. I've tried Grillfire in RVC, which had excellent burgers, IMHO.

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            George Martin just took over Grillfire, all of his places are great.