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Dec 30, 2006 04:20 PM

whats up for new years?

were staying home with friends clams casino oysters rock lobster and scallop pie and a rib eye or 3 on the grill, a nice salad and some chocolate and a glass of port. what you got???

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  1. Party at a friend's, for which I've made a big loaf of the no-knead bread and froze a container of Christmas cookies (which my husband and granddaughter found--despite the wrapping in foil--and pilfered from). Other food for the party (that I know of) includes a Turducken, cheeses, other nibbly things. Sorta wish I was doing a dinner party at home.

    1. Early oysters at Legals, then home for some favorites. picked up some nice colossum shrimp (haven't decided how to cook them yet- maybe wrapped in prochutto), veggies and dip, edamammi, nibble food, etc.