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Dec 30, 2006 04:19 PM

Japanese in North Scarborough/Markham

A long shot, but what the hey. We're planning to hit the new year's eve celebration at the Toronto zoo, and would like to pick up some sushi for the adults on the way home.

Any suggestions?

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  1. hama - outside, beside the north entrance of market village

    inaho - 155 east beaver creek (richmond hill)

    miyabi - 280 west beaver creek (richmond hill)

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    1. re: aser

      also if you're willing to pick up before your zoo outing, you can hit up japantown. Taro's Fish market or Tora's Sushi.

      the aforementioned are all Japanese owned btw.

      1. re: aser

        Not being from the area, I'm a little geographically challenged. What/where is the market village?

        1. re: Webdude

          Kennedy and Steeles. There's Pacific Mall (the large rectangular structure) and Market Village (everything else).

      2. don't know if they're open but i'd recommend the following:

        1. cafe michi (sheppard/pharmacy)

        2. ichiban (on spring garden which is north of sheppard, east off yonge)

        3. zen (mccowan/danforth?)

        1. I am not sure where you are going to from the zoo, but T&T is at Middlefield and Steeles. I must warn you though T&T is not celebration calibre sushi. Could you not just call your favorite place and order a head of time for pick up. I am sure your guests wouldn't mind going a little out of the way for sushi that you know you will like.

          1. I agree with Sweetie that wherever you may want to go you should call to ensure they're open. Many sushi places aren't open Sunday's let alone NYE.

            A second vote for Zen. Excellent food. I understand Cafe Michi occasionally has Kaji in the kitchen. Anybody ever dined at Sagano around Kennedy & 401?

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            1. re: Googs

              is this the restaurant in the hotel at kennedy & 401? if so, yes, i've been a few times -- if i recall correctly, it was a bit pricey and while fresh, it didn't feel as "refreshing" as sushi at zen or cafe michi....hmm, i wonder if sometimes i am more influenced by the surroundings/atmo when i eat. the atmo at sagano is darkly lit hotel bar/restaurant; don't get me wrong, you'll have great views of the city (scarboro no less, and i'm a proud scarberian) but there isn't the sense of painstakingly crafted sushi by artisanal sushi chefs... in spite of the kimono-clad waitresses - the dessert platters are beautiful, but not japanese dessertfare... more like chocolate cakes, etc...

            2. Again, Chowhounds to the rescue. Thanks for all the pointers and advice. I've called Zen, placed an order and we'll pick it up for midnight yum-yums.

              Full 4-1-1 on new year's day.

              Thanks, everyone.