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Dec 30, 2006 04:11 PM

Recipe using baby Vegetables?

Happy Holidays, all! I have some baby squash (green & yellow) and am looking for a nice recipe for them to serve alongside my blue cheese crusted filet mignons. Any suggestions? Or, alternatively, what is the best method of cooking these (steamed? roasted?) Thanks!

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  1. Everyone seems to be in love with roasted veggies lately, but in the case of delicate baby squash, I would gently steam them till just tender (don't overdo it, or they will get mushy).

    Toss with a bit of butter or olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and perhaps some lemon zest.
    Or, since the blue cheese would go well with something a bit sweet... make a sweet light vinaigrette with olive oil, honey, and vinegar (I like rice vinegar).


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      Thanks! I did steam them and made a honey vinaigrette w/ rice vinegar) - excellent.

      bolivianita - thanks for the mint suggestion - I am going to try that tonight with some baby zucchini I have.

    2. Mint is an excellent garnish for zucchini and squash. Steam as above and toss with mint cracked black pepper, salt, and EVOO.

      1. Garlic,butter and oregano. good combo..