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Dec 30, 2006 03:46 PM

Has anyone tried/used the WaterBroiler pan?

Sounds good but is it? I'd love input...

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  1. I don't have it, never heard of it 'til now, and have no plans of ever buying one. (50 bucks, come on!!)

    And, between you and me, it looks like a $10 paella pan with a $10 Weber BBQ grill set on top. Hey, I just happen to have those things laying around!

    1. It's a rack ("18/8 stainless steel" oooh...) set on top of a pie plate filled with some water. Am I missing something?

      1. Well, back in the '60s my mom made her roasts on broiler pan and always added 3 or 4 cups of water to the base. Now the broiler pan itself didn't come with the oven and the insert-rack had ample gaps for the drippings to pass through.

        When a roast got so far done she removed the meat along with the insert-rack. The drippings were retained and she would season it a bit (retaining a portion for gravy) and add her Yorkshire pudding batter to the pan drippings.

        All in all, somehow the pan prevented any charings from destroying her master piece dishes. Nothing there was non-stick and I never seen her spend but maybe a minute cleaning the broiler pan up.

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