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Dec 30, 2006 03:27 PM

Herbsaint Jigglers

I have a bottle of Herbsaint that I bought in New Orleans that I want to use up soon. I'm thinking about making jello-jiggler type thingies with it and some Knox gelatin. Does anyone have any experience making jigglers? After doing some research online, it seems they're trickier than I thought.

Also I'd like to add something else to them? What goes nicely with anise-like flavor liquor - orange zest? cream?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can share!

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  1. I can't offer help with the jigglers but I'd be using the Herbsaint in Sazerac cocktails.

    1. Remember not to substitute all of the water in the jello recipe with herbsaint or it won't jell. I attended a party years ago where there very young hostess made vodka jigglers and they never set. Poor thing was forced to sort of slide them into glasses; they looked like something ectoplasm-y from the movie Ghostbusters.

      But it seems to me that herbsaint jigglers could make a fascinating dessert salad.

      1. Thank you both for your replies - especially that bit of info about the water! I'm wondering if I could substitute some heavy cream for some of the water or would that throw everything off?

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        1. Thanks for that! It looks like I should do some experimenting, too - before tomorrow night. Since I'm dealing with 90 proof - plus, I want mine to be more like a finger food.

          1. Use twice the gelatin for the same amount of liquid as the recipe on the box. The final product will be much firmer and easier to eat as a finger food. Are you gonna top some kind of appetizer with these or something? Maybe some kind of dried fruit?